If we pay attention, they tell us who they are....

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#1 Aug 29 - 3PM
Jenna H
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If we pay attention, they tell us who they are....

Let’s see, if I had really listened and paid attention I would have seen him for the disrespectful jerk he really was. How did we all get so swept away by narcs!!!!

Let’s see shall we? The narc's greatest hits…..er, I mean, RED FLAGS FROM THE VERY START!!

“I’m an asshole”
“I’m difficult”
“I’m complex”
“I don’t know why you put up with me”
“In my previous job I shared a hotel room with my married female coworker and my wife could hear her in the background when we were on the phone. I didn’t try to hide it because it was platonic and we continued to share a room on subsequent business trips. I have taken so much shit for that over the years I may as well have an affair…..”
“I thought you were smarter than that. I like to surround myself with intelligent people.”
“You probably don’t want to hear about a fight with my wife… same old shit.”

Nevermind the fact he was cheating on his wife and I was naïve enough to think it was the first time like he said it was! I actually trusted him?! That we were both just caught up in something we didn’t plan! Hell yes he planned. He strategically planned.

And I could swear he mumbled BITCH under his breath one of the first times we had sex….. Yep.

So I ask you people – WTH was I thinking???!!!! These were all early red flags. And then I was sucked into his vortex more and more. What fun…..

Here’s to being narc-free!

Jan 5 - 8PM
destiny (not verified)
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mine also said he ruined

Jan 5 - 2PM
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Love this post JennaH! Makes

Sep 11 - 4AM
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Sep 10 - 9PM
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He said:

Sep 3 - 7AM
Belle de jour
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"People say I'm insesitive

Sep 10 - 6PM (Reply to #45)
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That's a textbook goof of an

Sep 3 - 6AM
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"I'm just

Sep 3 - 3AM
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Jenna H

Sep 2 - 6PM
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Best Telling it like it is line ever

Sep 2 - 6PM
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I just never listened

Sep 2 - 6PM
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"don't get involved with

Sep 2 - 7PM (Reply to #38)
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Sep 3 - 2AM (Reply to #39)
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Me too

Sep 2 - 2PM
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classic text book

Aug 31 - 10PM
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as Maya Angelou said

Aug 31 - 12PM
Rising Dawn
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"I will dote on you, but I will also ignore you."

Sep 3 - 2AM (Reply to #31)
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Mine said "nobody knows the

Sep 10 - 11PM (Reply to #34)
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Sep 3 - 5AM (Reply to #32)
Jenna H
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I hate these assholes

Sep 3 - 6AM (Reply to #33)
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When I asked him why he said

Aug 31 - 7AM
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"No one wants to be in a relationship with me."

Sep 2 - 8PM (Reply to #29)
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"They only want to be 'just

Aug 31 - 10AM (Reply to #24)
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Aug 31 - 12PM (Reply to #25)
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Aug 31 - 1PM (Reply to #26)
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Cheated on by

Aug 31 - 1PM (Reply to #27)
Jenna H
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oh yeah...

Sep 1 - 3AM (Reply to #28)
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That's funny cuz mine would

Aug 31 - 8AM (Reply to #22)
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thing is, 1 of my boyfriends

Aug 31 - 2PM (Reply to #23)
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Owen, there is a simple

Journey on...

Aug 31 - 7AM
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My favorite was "I would