I was on skype

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#1 Oct 19 - 8AM
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I was on skype

I know it has been a while and i am getting on with my healing.Even when my ex girlfriend destroyed me and i was played around the whole time.its been over 1 and half of no contact.Today i was on Skype and her dad was online and i was online too and he deleted me from his Skype.Its not that i talk to him on Skype.This is a gentlemen who liked me a lot,I don’t know what my ex told me to him and him deleting me has hurt me and made me feel sad and upset and i don’t know....it has put a damper on me and i am hurt big time by it.Please help

Oct 19 - 6PM
Done sourcing
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My father in law and I were

My father in law and I were very good friends, and we liked each other very much. He was sad when I moved out and divorced his daughter. He knows all the gory details, and told me he was upset with his daughter. She (the exwn) also has told me her dad is not happy with her over this. The narcs mom and I were close as well. But she knew we weren't happy and wanted her daughter to be happy, and hoped that the new bf/om would be the cure. Not my problem anymore, but I miss my old buddy, we really liked each other for over 14 years. Nobody said this crap wouldn't hurt in ways initially unforeseen, but we can handle it! Sorry the old man deleted you, but it really is for the best. It would be hard to have a relationship with him and not kinda hoover about the x. My guy my childs grandpa, so it is kinda weird. He forwards funny emails to me from time to timem but we have no contact or discussion. Apart from trace fantasy land thinking, I am glad the bitch is gone...good riddance to the disordered ding-dong dancing damsel in distress! ds
Oct 19 - 10AM
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June09, nobody likes to feel

June09, nobody likes to feel rejected, but be careful(!) - for it is what YOU FEEL about something somebody did, and maybe that person did not even think about you when (s)he did it . . . Aside from that, there is a theory stating that people who are no longer needed for whatever purpose of growth in our lives do leave us, one way or the other. Maybe you can look at this as just another connecting string to N that was cut off. And that is go(o)d!!!
Oct 19 - 8AM
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Don't take that too

Don't take that too personally. Besides, blood is thicker than water. Maybe the Dad, out of respect for his daughter, deleted the skype account. I know I would, whether I liked the person or not. When it comes to your kids, you do the "right" thing. Nothing to take too personally.
Oct 19 - 8AM
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i know you must feel rejected all over again, but its for the best, as you didnt talk to him, and also...its his loss, now you know where narc gets her friggen behavioural problems......the apple doesnt fall far from the tree....he is a pathetic old sod...
Oct 19 - 8AM
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It's not a good idea to

It's not a good idea to associate with narc friends or family.. Your best option is to delete all connected with them.. Why are you concerned with anything associated with her?? Your best bet is to start with a blank canvas .. Maybe the guy deleted his account altogether .. Who knows and really who cares?? Hunter