I told my little boy I was sorry

Yesterday I wrote a goodbye letter. It really helped me. I had been having a rough day, feeling really stuck. In my letter I realized how much by exN hurt my son. (not his child) I knew that he would never apologize or offer any type of closure so it was my job as Mom to tell my son I was sorry for what happened and let him know it wasn't his fault and that I loved him.
My son adored my exN at first. Six months later he regained visitation with his daughter who then became the only thing in the world that mattered. He was mean to my son. Actually, he was playing mind games with him just like he was with me. He actually blamed my son every time his daughter did something wrong. One day the kids were told to stay away from the swing due to bees. When the little princess came in screaming from bee stings, my exN yelled at my son for not keeping her away from them. What?
Things like that are coming back to me in waves. My poor little boy.
I even had my son in therapy for anxiety. Now I realize where it was coming from.
Anways, after our talk last night my son gave me the biggest hug ever. He is my motivation to work through this and get healthy. I can never allow another person to come in to our life and hurt any of us again.

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