I think my ExN found a Narc. Perfect!!!

I'm trying to stay focused. Really! I am! But every so often I do a little digging. Looks like my exN is still with the primary supply he left me for. Fine. I understand how this work. He'll do the same thing to her in time, and there is no way he will ever keep his promises about leaving his wife. For anyone.

Here's the catch. I think SHE'S as much of a Narc as him. Pretty. Recently divorced. Mother of four. Kids seem to come second to availability to Narc. Very "vocal" (fb public) about her sexual prowess.

Now what? Do they do the Narc dance until the end of time????

I just want some hard evidence that it wasn't just me? He will do this again. Right?

I just want to reiterate. He is textbook Narc. Overembellishes his achievements. Boosts about his material things. Boasts about himself (while pretending to be modest). A FB madman when it comes to recruiting supply. Made false promises to me almost immediately after meeting me. Etc. I know I am right about him.... Now it's about her.

Or is it me? Am I a Narc for wanting the other shoe to drop so badly!?!?!

Has anyone been in this situation? I know I am being ridiculous. Humor me.

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