I had a weird dream last ngiht

Last night I dreamt I was with my soon to be X N husband. I was in some kind of Ms. New Mexico beauty contest. I was going to belly dance for the talent part or something. Really weird. I would never be in a beauty contest. Although, when I was with him I may have.
Heres the really telling part, girls. So I'm sitting there and I dont remember why he was displeased with me but I started crying and burrying my head in his chest. I said something like I'm just a flower in a garden and you expect me to be the best and most perfect rose that never dies. And he said 'that's right'. So, I said 'I can't', and I'm breaking down and I feel him stiffen. Then I say 'I'll try harder daddy' and he smiled at me and said 'good girl'. ugh...

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Fire Fly..You are the most beautiful flower in that garden luv....It is very common to have obtrusive dreams in the beginning stages of recovery. Our minds never shut down even in sleep. I had so many dreams the first few months that i found it difficult to differentiate what was a dream and what was reality! This take a tremendous toll on our bodies physically as well. This will pass in time and as you go through the stages you will notice this. xoxo only one way to go...Forward (tm?)

only one way to go...Forward (tm?)