I am curious

Do they know they are psychopaths? My ex during one of his "windows of truth" moments once asked me if the counselor we were seeing had he told me he was a paychopath. At the time I just thought he was being dramatic but now I am wondering if he knew this about himself. During another "window of truth" moment he told his porn addition was because he enjoyed voyeurism, which I later found out to be true. So I am wondering if he knew he was a psychopath.

P.s. "Windows of truth" my ex had this far and few between and they only lasted like a nano second. These were times when he actually said something truthful, later if I brought up what was said he would deny having said it or pretend not to remember or his favorite..I misunderstood what he meant.

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I've realized recently one ex (male) loudly and proudly identified as a sociopath - told me he had no empathy, that I would always remember him and he would forget me, etc. Happily I moved on from that within 3 months; never realized the extent to the hurt, just chalked it up to him being a bit crazy. The exN (female and my reason for joining here) tweeted a comment/conversation from her mother which pretty much absolved her psychopathy in October. I asked exN's about the tweet, which appeared while I was being re-idealized following my first major D&D. She replied "well, I realized I take what I need from people, use them up and get rid of them and that's the sign of a psychopath but my mom said 'oh that's okay, darling, I love you anyway.'" ExN was concerned (!) and tired of placating the NS she'd worked in the 2 months of my/our NC; this was a guy who was desperately in love with her and left his gf to be with her. ExN just chuckled at the tweet/comment... but I think now that this was perhaps a cry for help to her mother that went ignored. INCREDIBLY, I also passed over this comment - instead thinking this guy was getting what he deserved... how callous I was (though he is a piece of work as well). In the 6 months that followed before she D&D'd me in April (3 months of her pretending again and 3 of me desperately trying to get back to the idealized stage), as well as the almost 4 months NC, I've come back to this comment and an accompanying chat we had about how she leaves a path of destruction in her wake - as people fall in love with her and expect so much from her and it's not her fault. Red flags waving in the wind...
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This will give you the answer to your question: http://www.sociopathworld.com/2008/11/do-sociopaths-know-they-are-sociopaths.html
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Aren't those "windows of truth" the worst memories! Mine told me during the second D&D ... "if I described my life to you but didn't tell you it was mine, you wouldn't like that person very much" I have revisited that moment so many times. At the time I practically begged him to tell me what he meant. It was like the "other self" appeared and then just vanished. He also talked about himself in the third person. I actually accused him of having two personas....come to think of it, he agreed.... They are jerks who deserve nothing from us; especially our time and energy. Amazed that yours actually went to a counselor. Peace! Coffee
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I do believe they do leak out little bits of truth now and again. They reveal also their true colors in the stories they tell about themselves. It sounds like these comments could have been revealing in some way. It also sounds like classic gaslighting since he denied saying these things! (or claimed that you misinterpreted the meaning)