How many of you were dumped and NEVER contacted again?

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May 18 - 2AM (Reply to #2)
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drive by house

I don't want him to have that right ever again. I want to move. One of his ex GF used to live down the street from me and he would always stare at her house when we would pass by it. I never let him know i knew what he was doing...He abandoned her in about 2004 and he was still looking at her house in 2010...even after she sold it..
May 18 - 10AM (Reply to #3)
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drive by

I never got a drive by from him (like, in a car) because when I moved out of the apartment I didn't leave a forwarding address ( am so glad I got serious about NC then)and when I moved out of state I definitely did not tell him directly or leave an address. But I got a "verbal" drive by a few years later when he talked to a mutual friend of ours and went on about "when does the pain stop" (re: our breakup, which was really HIS doing when he dumped me 6 weeks before our wedding). So in a way that is contact.....sort of testing the waters, or playing the victim for me again, whatever. Seriously, 2 years later, 2 OW's later, and you are still "hurting" so badly over it? What, did he think I would hop a plane back to California and meet up with him and resuce him from his situation?!?!? They are fucked up freaks. I think that's my new nickname for them. FUF's. Fucked Up Freaks.