How to Get Your Abuse Story into the Media

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Once there is a lot of media coverage of a problem it is easier to get Congressmen and State officials to draft legislation making psychological abuse illegal. then women can take action and sue them or they can go to jail. It is time this reign of terror against women be addressed and an answer found. Many of these men are losers and don't have jobs etc but the idea they can go to jail will back off their constant contacts and e-mails etc. I saw a movie starring Jennnifer Lopez where she was physically and emotionally abused and she ran with her little girl, hid, got lawyers and in the end she took deadly self-defense courses and killed the guy. that movie could never have been made 10 years ago and Lopez wouldn't have been in it if stopping this abuse isn't an idea whose time has come. The law would have to be guided by women Like Lisa, Sandra Brown and Barbara to make sure all the points are covered. I was in calfiornia when Mothers Against Drunk Drivers was just starting. It was a joke at first until they started going into courtrooms and targeting the judges who let these chronic drunks loose. The judges became very freightened and started giving long jail sentences. That started the ball rolling in sacramento and the legislators drafted a tough bill of fines and jail for the first 2 offenses and for number 3 they can never get a license in california again. California has one of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country. Maybe it is time for an organization of women against intentional infliction of emotional abuse to start. The French government is drafting a law in their country so the American organization could have the French law for a model. the organization could show women how to tape record, save e-mails, and gather evidence using volunteers from the local BAR Associations and I know that thee are licensed private investigators who would volunteer as speakers on evidence, you could have self-defense courses, and emotional defense classes. Many women who are entrapped by narcissists didn't know what was happening to them they were disarmed by thinking they were in a love relationship and when it turned hateful they didn't know what was happening. An organization could have educational literature so that women could get out before they were devastated. An organization could have in- person healing meetings, etc. If these 12.6 million personality disorders are negatively impacting 40 million people and this is in the Surgeon General's annual report it is time to take action and stop the victimization legally. The National Organization of Women, Women for Affirmative Action, and Mother's Against Drunk Driving all addressed very important issues maybe a Women Against Relationship Abuse organization could have tremendous value. The information on this site is really helpful think about how effective a national organization would be. It would be nice to know that these monsters couldn't get anymore victims. It is too easy for them now just to jump from one victim to another.
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Thanks for this one. I was up at 5 am this morning cos I have so many things changing right now. I watched this and it all made sense to me. Women need to stick together.