What is a narcisisst
A guy who loves himself
Who looks in the mirror, thinks that he's it
a person admired, has wealth?

I'm trying to figure this out
I'm just out of the clutches of one
he messed with my mind, was really unkind
and the after effects are not fun

This site has helped me a lot
I now see the monster inside
he hid it so well, but my doubts didn't quell
and now my eyes are open wide

it started with mirrors and then
once he had me hooked I was his
I ignored the signs, while he wines and dines
he really had me in a tis

I shoulda known better I know
but I hadn't a clue they exist
we here all on this site, knew things were not quite right
but we held on with an iron fist

now we've all been devalued and hurt
trying to get our heads round this mess
but the one thing I know, all us ladies can show
that true strength comes out of hopelessness

Here's to strength :)