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Hoovering??? Need advice please.

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#1 Aug 14 - 2PM
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Hoovering??? Need advice please.

My ex suddenly moved out 1 month and 3 excruciating weeks ago. My story is shared in the Story forum.

Over this time, she's contacted me to provide details about the leaf service she signed us up for at the beginning of the year, a reminder regarding the exterminator's last visit, etc. I don't respond. Now, she wants $150 for insurance she paid for during our final days although I paid for nearly everything else including a recent trip to Hawaii. I ignored the first email and she just emailed again to ask for the money again. The thing is that she damaged a dresser while moving out and said she'd pay for repair, which is $375. She doesn't need the money. Neither do I.

I don't get why she wants me to transfer money to her after all I did! I've been NC since July 5.

Do I continue to ignore her, send her a receipt for the dresser and say call it even, etc?

BTW - I miss her TERRIBLY.

Aug 14 - 2PM
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It's a hoover

Aug 14 - 2PM (Reply to #2)
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lol@ round 3

Jun 27 - 11AM (Reply to #3)
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mine does not try any more