the "Hoover" I never thought I'd see

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the "Hoover" I never thought I'd see

I mean, she was so categorical about it being completely over.

But, a couple of days, I unblocked her, and all her friends, on FB. I figure, well, it's already set in, I'm used to it now, and, since we're in the same business and use the site for our business, there's no point in hiding myself from information that might be useful or necessary in business.

Immediately, I get an email from her brother, who I had remained friendly with. "I don't know what's happening there, but I was told if I don't defriend you immediately, we are no longer brother and sister."

We texted for a while, and the brother said, "I can tell you as her brother, this has happened so many times it's not even funny."

The brother had sent her an article about people who constantly trade one partner for another, never taking the time to consider that the problem is within. This set her off completely. The brother said, "She cannot see that her own anger is preventing her from moving forward."

I said, "Well, after studying this thing for a while, I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know what she's angry with."

So, the next morning, I get a sexually provocative picture, with the text, "You were so miserable." Which I interpreted to mean, look how hot I am and how lucky you were.

OK, but you CHEATED on me with another guy. Well, I basically set her face on fire with a couple of pointed texts.

The next day I get another text, looking for a DVD series (which I did have).

I waited a long time to reply, and said, "Well, losing things sucks. I remember how I lost my apartment and everything I own for my soul mate, who turned out to be a lying cheater."

So there it is. I know the "non-response" is the thing to do. I guess I should have never unblocked. But, at least the hostility is so great that I think it's over...

Mar 8 - 11PM
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What do you mean "You think

Mar 9 - 12PM (Reply to #3)
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Right. Lesson learned. 2

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Done sourcing
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They are hard to get over, of

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Ya know I've been at this so

Mar 8 - 9AM
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