His goodbye letter to me

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His goodbye letter to me

Dear kitequeen,

I don't know why you would throw away two years when everything has been going great, in fact, better than ever. We practically live together, and though I've never wanted to marry again, I want to marry you. It's too bad that you keep running away from me and letting your mind play tricks on you...on us. If only you would give me the benefit of the doubt and stop being so suspicious. You always assume the worst when there is a reasonable explanation. You are not going to find another man that cares for you the way I do. I tried my hardest, but I guess I'm just too stupid for you. You never accepted where I came from and couldn't see me as an equal. You are a psychiatrist and can talk circles around me, you know that. All my friends warned me not to date a shrink, because you will just mind fuck me. I never cheated on you or lied, except about the Skype thing and Herpes, and I was just trying to protect your feelings. Was that so wrong?

I loved your son like my own. The three of us were like the family I never had and so desperately needed. Why are you giving all of that up? You told me you wanted this too. If only you felt better about yourself, you would be able to open up to me and be honest. You know your friend's husband deserved what he got from me for touching your shoulder on Halloween. I'm a man and I will kill anyone that touches my woman. All I wanted to do was to protect you and your son. You have trouble seeing what is good and right for you, and I just wanted to help you.

I will never understand why you always assumed I was lying to you, because I wasn't. My love for you is true and you are all that I ever wanted. I came to you for help and guidance. Never would I have chosen my career path if you weren't encouraging me that I could do it. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about "my other job", but it's only marijuana dealing and it's going to be legal soon anyways, so I may as well make the money while I can. It would be hard to give up since I am accustomed to a certain style of life. Without it, I couldn't travel every month, pay for my Escalade, get weekly massages, or take you out to fancy restaurants. I'm sorry I told you that it was an "inheritance." I was scared. Scared you would leave me.

You knew my childhood was rough, but you were helping me learn the right way to do things. I'm going to be sad to see you go. The sex was the best I ever had, you know that. Even though I wasn't able to perform often, you know I have ED. I was getting the pills (cialis, viagra) for you! So I could provide for you. Why can't you believe in me? You always take things out of context and you over think everything. I think your past relationships have damaged you.

You've also been putting on weight, and I think you would feel better about yourself and us if you lost weight. Even though every woman I've been with in the past has gained weight with me. It's hard because I need to eat all he time to keep my muscle on with the testosterone injections. I get cranky if I don't eat and feel guilty eating in front of you, so I bring you food and desserts to when I come over.

I hope you figure out your relationship issues and stop running from the people who love you.

Always here for you,


(geez, writing this, I see he would totally make me out to look like the psychopath)

Jun 27 - 10AM
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My ExN could have written that !

Apr 27 - 10PM
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want to clarify

Apr 28 - 6AM (Reply to #4)
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Thank you for doing the work

Apr 27 - 9PM
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I don't see him making you