He's trying to add me on facebook after a year

I'm almost positive my first boyfriend was a narc. He was the first person i loved and was devastated when he broke up with me. A year later we get chatting again as friends. He started bringing up things about our sexual past. When i told him i didn't think it was appropriate, we got into an argument. He said things like "I know you might want to get back at me for dumping you but can't we just move on? you really need to stop letting it get to you so much" and calling me over the top and clingy when we were together and just being disrespectful. I told him not to talk to me again. He sent me a letter apologizing and saying he did want to try and get back together with me but figured i wasn't interested (but it may be "trace emotions and lonliness" he said). I should have left it there but i didn't and we kept in touch for another year until we finally met up.

As soon as we met up, we instantly clicked again and he kissed me, held my hand, told me he wanted to make it work with me. He said since seeing me again he noticed i was missing in his life. Over the next 4 or so months we had an intense relationship. He said he wanted to move in with me and have my kids and hinted at marriage. Instead of taking this as huge warning signs, i just thought it was reunited love and proof we were made for each other. It sounds ridiculous in writing, but my feelings for him were the strongest i've felt about anything.

Everything was perfect, until i told him i was having a bad day and wished he was with me and i was struggling with the distance. He went from saying he "loved me with all his heart and needed me" to completely turning off, saying it was too hard. He then said he no longer knew how he felt about me, we argued too much (we never argued) and that his work was more important. I was literally dazed and tried to reason with him until his last message said he didn't know how he felt anymore and if i message him again he may hang himself because he felt so guilty. I didn't reply to this.

I blocked him from my life and spent months worrying about him (he's tried committing suicide in the past) until my best friend (who is friends with him on facebook) told me he'd been slandering me on facebook. I was so angry and upset that i actually drove to his house and told him everything i was thinking. We've not spoken since until he's just tried to add me on facebook. I know i should probably ignore it but i'm so angry he has the nerve, i want to ask him what the hell he's thinking by doing this!

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