Help..she is trying to destroy my Christmas with every price

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#1 Dec 26 - 6AM
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Help..she is trying to destroy my Christmas with every price

Super attacks from N mother, I do not live with her.

-spiteful hateful message as for "Christmas" that started with "Merry Christmas" as a facade, and ended with "You gotta do this, and that for me or else..!!!"

- I laughed and answered "You must be really sad and full of poison, not to be capable of even sending a simple selfless Christmas message."

- 10 calls, didn`t answer any of them

- today other calls, messages

- involves other people/relatives in this stupid play, like my cousins, acts for them

- an hour ago a cousin announces me she "comes" unnanounced to my place


If this isn`t the most patethic attempt to ruin my Christmas and horrendous acts, I don`t know what is. she really really tries to ruin it, but doesn`t succeed to surprise me with anything.

Full of sh*t bitch..if she thinks these stupid attempts will get me to play as her "punching bag" again, she`s wrong. Bear in mind that I depend on this monster for money right now :|

All of this disgusts me to a core, especially the part when she involves other people in this. God give me strength..any support is welcomed, thanks for listening.

Dec 26 - 9AM
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Dependance on a narc for

Dependance on a narc for basic needs is truly being in hell. Everything is painful and torturous, add to the fact that its an N parent and you have a recipe for hell in hell. Thankfully I have zero dependance on my father for anything.I expect him to be spaghetti... and he is. Fortunatly my N father is the picture child for apathy in his old age and cant be bothered to use his valuable energy to inflict harm if it doesn't bring him benefit.He didnt change christams plans last minute to purposefully exclude me on what may be the last christmas my now senile grandmother ( his mother) is alive, he just couldnt be bothered to carry the turkey to the car to bring it to her house and im allergic to his dog so,,, oh well. Your mom sounds a little bit more agressive. Is there no way to break the dependance from her?
Dec 26 - 10AM (Reply to #4)
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I am sick and tired of

I am sick and tired of talking about how she continuously ruined my life since I was born, rejected, abused me. But to do this to me on hristmas, a few time when I felt peaceful away from the insanity. But anyway..there are no words, she has no limits.. If there weren`t for my grandparents, I would have killed myself a long time ago. I will do my best this month to look for a job, t pay at least half of the money for my appartment. Otherwise, emotionally or so, I have no support in my family, they are all big shots with big diplomas, but no hearts. At least now it`s official that I`m a scapegoat orphan! Maybe they`ll pay me some insurance for that, lol, because unoficially, I`ve been an orphan all my life. Thank you for your answer, it`s okay to have some place to talk to about this.
Dec 26 - 9AM
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Are you able to block the Mom?

That sure helped me this Christmas. I blocked every new number he tried to contact me with so I did not see the texts. They started, and then I blocked them, so what I do not see will not hurt me. Did you say that you rely on the Mom for money? I would sever that tie as soon as possible. Not sure of your situation so I don't want to comment on this accept to say that it sounds intolerable. What are your options here, perhaps we can brainstorm about this. God bless, Goldie
Dec 26 - 10AM (Reply to #2)
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Goldie, she turned the whole

Goldie, she turned the whole "family" against me. She came to my place, I had dozens of phones and threathening texts, that she will get me out with the police or so (it`s Christmas!!) and she does this. She`s fucking mental. But that`s not a surprise for me. I had one cousin who promised will help me with money, and because I stand firm and didn`t allow her to get to me, and replied distant and cold to her attempts to create drama, he most probably manipulated him too. She did that to me all my life. And now when she feels I`m "getting away" at least physically, she creates theatre and drama, if I won`t create it for her, she comes and creates it here!! Monster.. I know I don`t have much in this life. I had my grandfather, who loved me the most, and one of the basic and only support people who knew me, and who unforcinately died recently. I have to pay my rent this month somehow, and my grandma and my father, will lend me half the money, and this month possibly, I will do my best to find a job. And not go "to her" for money or anything else at all!..She gets worse and worse..she wants me dead, I swear, I know her.. I`ve just received a "friendly" advice from some relatives, of how "ungrateful" I am to stand my ground. As I said zero tolerance, they only encourage her crazyness o.O This month I manage with the rent, all I want is peace and her to stay the hell away from me, with all her drama that I know all too well!! She manipulates everyone, they now are probably paining me as the "villain" of the family, but I don`t care. I`ve been through too much..I just sometimes don`t understand why God left me with this monster who eats my soul and my life away, and nobody to care, and took my grandfather, the only one who loved me. But forcinately, he lives in my heart.. There`s nothing moe to do now, than to stand my ground, in spite of all the "compliments" that will be received from the "family" I never really had. I hate her, she did these scenes to me since I was born. This is MY Christmas, and MY life, and she can bring the damn President, and still I won`t open the door!! Thank you for your reply, it makes me feel less alone in all this mess right now.