My ex-boyfriend from back in high school called to check on me... My ex has been telling me for months now to stay away from the N. Now, I am no contact with the N and my ex just calls to check on me from time to time... He and I have remained friends all these years... Well, just talking to him about my N, has brought all my emotions to head again... Dang it...

Dang these men anyway!! I miss the N so much today!!! Dang It!!!

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What are you missing? Silence is abuse! You said something important, your ex and you are friends, yeah, now thats the way it should be. He's check on you that's what friend do, Narc boy, when was the last time he wanted to know how you were? Yuck Hunter
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Only in the honeymoon stage, did he check in on me. Not one time since... I broke my leg at his house, he never once asked me how I was doing... Or how I was getting my chorses done! Nope not once! Thanks for the reality check!
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I agree, keep close to the ones who love you and keep writing it down and writing on here and eventually the urge will pass. God bless, Goldie