Got new blood and got N out of my system

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Got new blood and got N out of my system

So I broke NC on 12/12/12 (yada yada commented on this earlier, so old news) and I KNOW I need to keep working on not responding to internet temptation which is difficult, so how the hell do I cleanse my system of this vampire who sucked so much of my life out of me, especially if I keep getting blindsided when I'm NOT looking for it, which always sends me into a panic attack?!?! As I was beating myself up for breaking NC, and begging God for guidance,*Bing* I got a brilliant idea. On 12/13/12 I went to the blood donation center and gave 'platelets' then gave add'l 0- blood for the Children's Hospital - I was already hooked up to the machines so why not. If you're not familiar with 'platelet' donation they take your blood out, centrifuge it, then put the 'cleansed blood' back in (not a really pleasant feeling, which takes a considerable amount of time). Convinced myself that I saved lives while symbolically saving my life.
Wish me luck as I feel that I've cleansed my body of 'the old blood' that was infected by the 'vampire venom', and the calendar dates are easy to remember for my personal timeline to help me stick to my latest mantra "As God as my witness I will never break NC again!"

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