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Narcissists possess others for many reasons. First, despite all of the information available now about the narcissistic personality disorder, many individuals are still unable to identify these clever conniving method actors. We are so disarmed and mesmerized by them, we don't realize that they have come to take over our lives. The narcissist believes that everything and everyone belongs to him/her. He takes possession of those who will benefit him with his insatiable ego, need for praise and adulation, inflated self image and extraordinary sense of self entitlement and superiority. Devoid of self knowledge or insight, the narcissist is a cunning animal who instinctively knows how to select individuals whom he can control.  If you marry a narcissist, he will commandeer your life--intruding on your thoughts, your feelings, your imagination and creativity. Your apprehension and worry about how he or she will react to you will supersede your creative movement forward, your most personal perceptions and interactions with yourself and others---your essence. Yes, the narcissist is capable of this poisonous level of personal intrusion if you allow him to go there. The narcissist has neither boundaries nor mercy. He is a tempestuous child--He wants what he wants and will get it if he has to stop your psychological pulse to get there. Most people do not understand the narcissist's "heart of darkness." Yes, these individuals suffer but this experience of an empty self is deep in their unconscious. It is their victims who consciously go through innumerable hells and tortures.

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