Good By David and All the Pain

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Good By David and All the Pain


I have been hear so many times, on, off, on, off, and this is it! Every time you broke up with me it was because you didn't want to face the truth about YOU. You didn't want to discuss what was in front of us to discuss. You either turned it around or said, "I don't need this in my life!", then hang up on me or walk out because you were not mature to work thru it. Each time I would reach out to you, say sorry as if I was the one wrong. You always had to be right, ALWAYS, like your life depended on it. You always had all the anwers, like no one else mattered, you were smarter and knew waaaay more than anyone. You always had to be center of attention. Irony is that you came to our relationship with SO MUCH BULLSHIT - your bag was full. You came to our relationship right out of asking for a divorce, two broken businesses, broken relationships with your sons, unresolved issues with their mother, disconnected from your family of origon, ready to file bankruptcy, and running from it all. You had the nerve to take my inventory and tell me everything was wrong in my life. Not a damn thing was wrong, I was thriving in business, great relationship with my adult children, involved in my community, a new home, full of life and happy. You tore me down little by little so you didn't have to look at your BS. You were a coward in your world and needed to have control in mine. You found out my weak points in my heart and used them against me. You were insecure when I had my life and you sucked life out of me because your was falling apart. You lied about everything, you manipulated everything and everyone to look good. We had friends and you eventually cut them out of our life so you could get all the attention. When I wanted more you needed "space and time" to figure it all out, not taking into account that I spent a year supporting you, supporting you, supporting you!!! All while you did nothing, letting your wife file for divorce and YOU ARE the one that wanted out. You were very rude and mean to her, now I know how she feels. So many times you demeaned her and I stood up for her because you needed to hurt someone, again because of your own shame. You are a little boy in a man's world and you pretend like nothing is happening. You can not take resposibility for yourself EVER. It took a year and half for the divorce to be filed, you didn't help her at all with the businesses, left town with no support, you left your boys AGAIN and promised you would make an effort because you knew that was important to me as a partent. When you drank you were a complete ASSHOLE, mean and emotionally abusive.

Then you turned around and did the same exact thing to me that you did to her. You found someone that would listen to your sad stories, created a relationship calling it "freinds" and then when she was hooked you litterally kicked me to the curb via text. What a FUCKING COWARD!! You won't talk to me, you demand I stop texing you, e-mailing you because you are a victim. I did NOTHING wrong - I asked you a question and you were caught in a lie AGAIN. I am happy that I am out, however the pain and hurt is deep. I want closure because I know you will come back to yank my chain, to break me down some more! You have told all your friends how crazy I am, when they have no idea about the truths of WHO YOU ARE. You lived in a fantasy world before we met, you tried to live in denial and while we were together and now you have fallen back to sleep to live in another fantasy. There were so many times I wanted to call you soon to be ex and tell her the truth because I am sure you lied to her just like me. I want to call the new one to tell her what she has coming, however I know she won't believe me because you are brainwashing her right now, like you did me!!! She is a rebound, supply and it will not work unless you both stay in denial. She is divorced twice as well, at least you have that in common. Sad thing is she has a little boy that you will hurt, of course he will have to compete with you for his mom's attention. I hope that she hurts you, for once I hope that someone will hurt you as bad as you have hurt others!!!

David, you are a coward, a theif, a liar, a poor excuse for a man. My eyes fill up in tears when I think of your teenage boys, what they must have to endure and feel, it breaks my heart at a very deept level. The energy you bring to the world will come back to you 10X fold. I pray for you and more I pray for "the nexts".

Forever gone,

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It could be me

I'm Done

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Great job! I cried when I

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Frog in boiling water...

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