Good bye self appointed prince of nothing

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Good bye self appointed prince of nothing

Good bye N

Your charm, charisma and good looks were a phoney cover to the real devil inside. At first I was awed that you would give me a second look. I was honoured to be with you. The nice dinners, constant "caring" texts,, traveling and golfing were fun. Now I can truly enjoy those things with people who truly care and love me, my family and friends.

The way you so easily asked for freebies from your acquaintances was embarrassing. Asking me to get you and your kids rooms and I did! Always waiting for the " I will return the favour" to come and I am done waiting. Then the asking got higher, my vehicle needs repairs, I am late with my child support, my son needs a new bike, my ex needs gas money... All with the dead promise of " I will get you back bebe ... Don't you worry, my business is going to take off,!, " I give up waiting for a payback, I look at that money I've lost to you now as an investment into my new future!

All the times you flirted with women in front of me and telling female business associates that we were business partners only. That hurt me so much. And when I called you on it your response was... Oh I get more sales that way if they think I am single. Well my best decision was to put MY business in abeyance until my full time job allows me to become a sales person again. And now your business hasn't gone anywhere, a few sales to your siblings!! Charm doesn't make a good business, integrity, hard work and honesty do!! Good luck with that N,

The times I needed you most, my first surgery, I found out you were with your ex and kids at the beach. I found pics of your day. Your constant texts of "bebe im so worried about you, I wish I could be there to look after you" you can take those texts and shove them you-know-where! The next time when my community was declared a state of emergency, I hadn't slept for 36 hours and my close family said where is N, he should be here to support you! I called and called and no answer. When I find out later you were spending a few days with your ex and the kids. Then my mentor my uncle my best friend passes away very suddenly, you came the day after, then spent a few days with me then went to your ex and kids . And had the nerve to accuse me of being to close too S, a true friend who supports me and never asks for anything in return.

And then came the month or two of wining and dining your ex for sex. Of course she obliged then you leave her to come back to me! I took you back unaware of the sex until a few months later. I used to hate myself for taking you back... I hated myself for falling for your lies of love, faithfulness and compassion.. All a big fat lie! I know now I did nothing wrong.

A few months later you convinced me once again that I needed you, you changed, divine intervention! You saw the "signs" , I was the only woman you ever truly loved. I came into your life when you needed me the most, we make each other feel the best ever. I love your family and kids. It's something I never had. All those statements you used and more , I bought them, I believed you, defended you, loved you! Now I know I never even knew you!

Yesterday when your ex called to say you were still in daily contact with her, spend nights at her place, asking to sleep in her bed, she giggled saying he is lonely. I have a bf now and you and him should work things out as he needs a good woman. Well guess what ex... You are hook line and sinker his bait.. First one N calls and always there to stroke his ego. You can have him and he is your problem now.

I am so angry!! I saw a pic of the other OW I know of and it triggered me something fierce. Rather than lash out in anger at you because any response is a response and gives you control! I have gained the strength from my new support system ( this site) who doesn't judge and decided to post this goodbye letter to you! I am in control of my own actions! I don't care about you or your exes or any OW.

You have hurt me, angered me and made me feel pain more than any other human in this world. BUT you did not steal or break my spirit! I am neepseeskew ( Cree name), I forgive myself for falling for your charade. You took advantage of my compassion, spirituality, love for helping others and most of all alienated me from my kids and family. I love myself and I am worth it! I did nothing wrong but trust and love another human who I believed to be true. I will love again, I will trust again, thank you for teaching me what I do not want.

I promised myself NC with you or your ex or your associates. I can't say friends because you have no friends. One of your acquaintance recently called me to say he did not like the way you treated me on the golf course. If I made a poor shot then the eye rolling or slamming of your club would happen.

My family and friends all congratulated me on this break up! Not one said oh that's too bad. Your family is also blocked from my life. They all baby you and would call me to say oh poor N he is so lost and you are the first woman in his life we love. All his exes are devils...HUGE red flag. Well they can baby you now because I am gone! I am strong , I am beautiful, I am love, I am compassion!

I don't understand how a person can lie so easily! Calling me Friday to say you didn't get the kids for the weekend and maybe we can watch football together. Well your ex, thank her co-dependent heart tells me you spent the night at her place Friday and left late Saturday night. I don't know how a person can lie as easily as they breathe. When I called you on it...speechless, then the texts came hours later. Oh bebe I was confused! I'm the best thing that ever happened to you, You will never find a man like me! ( I hope not) you and i belong together, let's grow old together,! My ex is a liar and a %#*}+ , I hate her , I want nothing to do with her ever again, I made a mistake, bebe please. I can't live with out you. I won't ever give up on you. I never asked for a good bye. I've grown into a man full of love for you. You are the only woman for me. I deserve you. Then they turned to anger.. You will never find a man as good as me , you must be spreading your legs for S, then they turned into self pity Why are you friends with others and not me, am I not good enough for you. I can't live without you,

I give thanks to the Creator for leading me here as I read through all your lies.. Your narc speak no longer works on me . I am stronger than that ! I deserve better than that! I deserve to treat myself with kindness love and compassion. I know the days ahead may be rocky however the other road would only serve me a lifetime of insanity, confusion and pain.

I choose ME!!


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He sounds

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PS Good man