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Goldie's Support Packages

I have been facilitating and teaching self love and healing from a toxic narcissistic relationship for 5 years now. Working with hundreds of survivors globally. Traditionally the holiday season is the time when we need the support the most and this group will bring you through the holidays with support and understanding. You are not alone in this. I understand.

I will continue with my regular one on one clients and their rates will be honored for a year as will any new clients who sign up prior to the first day of January. Moving forward I will only work with weekly or bi monthly one on one clients, if new clients, due to time constraints, and a full practice. As clients move on, this allows space to sign on new clients. Please email me for availability and be sure to included your best times of availability as well.

I'm sorry for all you have been through with the Narcissist. Your story if like most of ours is painful and most likely bewildering for you. I offer support sessions to help you to get through the thick of it and sadly the stories are familiar to me. The narcissist can leave you struggling to make sense of it all all and regain your peace of mind. I have been working with narcissist survivors for over 5 years now and have put together support programs to help expedite the healing process which often seems slow and painful. I receive hundreds of emails weekly and no longer have time to respond individually. Below, please find details for scheduling individual private secure sessions.

Scheduling One on One's with Goldie:

Introductory 1 hour session:

150.00 per hour

Support Packages:

3 individual 1 hour sessions will be 397.00 or you may choose 6 individual 1 hour sessions for 747.00. You may use your support sessions at your own pace. Please let me know which package you prefer and I will email you a direct link to Paypal, with this pricing for you. Also provide me with your time zone, and best available days and times.
Together and strong,

Immediate support and relief in understanding, mediating, and letting go of the emotional bondage with the Narcissist.

Support Package, includes:

Sessions facilitated by Goldie's Expert experienced advice on coping with the adverse effects (intrusive thoughts, depression, self blame, confusion, grief, financial, anger, legal mediation issues) from the encounter/relationship with the Narcissist.and his/her dysfunction towards you.

Goldie offers a safe, expert, completely confidential supportive environment to release, recover, and heal.

You are not alone in this, the support and expertise of working with Goldie has been described as a life raft in what sometimes feels like a deserted sea after the fallout and confusion from a relationship with a Narcissist.

Sign up today to schedule your personal one on one sessions with Goldie.