Gemini men.

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#1 Mar 28 - 10AM
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Gemini men.

The last 4 men I have been with were all Geminis. And all ended up in a way seriously hurting me.... They all started out great. But then turned into something opposite. ALL successful, all degreed.

When I found out my ex had been hooking up on Plentyof fish.... I decided to "see" for myself what kind of men go on there.I even created a fake account. You wouldnt believe...oh yes you would how many men contacted me WITHOUT a picture. And there stupid ass comments.ugh.

But the MOST interesting thing on Plentyoffish is that so many of the men are Gemini.

Anybody else notice the NPD's in their lives are Gemini men? Or women?

I also checked some "other" sites and was shocked how many are Geminis.

Aug 28 - 1AM
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Checkpoint! My disordered man

Checkpoint! My disordered man was also a Gemini! morning I love you, `till tonight Goodbye, lol..
Aug 27 - 12AM
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My narc is a Gemini too!

He is passive aggressive, impulsive and shallow. His mind games were unbelievable. He could not give me a straight answer when I started questioning him and calling him on his behavior. He is also bisexual and a sex addict and likes to play Russian roulette by having sex with random guys. BTW, I am a Scorpio and that was not a good union, narc or not!
Aug 26 - 10PM
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Gemini Men

Hi there i am new to this forum and would have to Totally agree with what I have experienced with a Gemini Male and I totally think he has NPD. I never knew why he began to change so much, once he had married me and how I fell for it. He was always lying about everything and anything and tried to make me believe I was the one who had issues with trust and insecurities. I had always had a bad gut feeling with this guy as so many things never added up but I even had to question myself with his crazy mind games and bullshit that came out of his mouth. I knew he was online and deleting history and hiding what ever it was he was up to. And then there was all the lies about his drinking and would even spin me crap that he has not been drinking. As a Capricorn female I must say I did not trust this man one bit as he constantly lied and did the most stupid things that never made sense. Then it got to the point there was no intimacy and I even thought he may be Gay because I could not work out what his problem was, and his excuse nothing is wrong im just tired and that I was making a big deal out of nothing. He was always lazy and making excuses like oh im tired or my back is sore, honestly I dont know how I put up with all the shit from him. He would even critisise others behaviour in regards to liars and cheats, and how some men treat their partners,I could not believe this when he would be one of the biggest liars I have known and make up the biggest bullshit stories that even sounded so rediculous. We recently separated and I finally got the leech out, and mind you it was his decision to break up but then he tried to say it was mine. He even thought he was entitled to just take what ever he wanted and when ever he wanted even if it was not his he seemed to think he was entiteled. 5 years of this crap I have never put up with so much in my life and then to recently find out the Lying piece of shit was on a dating site while we had been together, posing as a single Dad, well lucky I found the girl who he was spinning shit to and warned her and saved her from all the hell. I have done so much reading to learn as much as i can to never allow such a selfish heartless lying leech ever into my life again.
Apr 1 - 2PM
TexN (not verified)
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I'd loved to agree

Because my exN from hell was a Gemini BUT my husband, who is a gem, is also a Gemini. The narc (June 2nd) & husband (June 6th.) Different as nite & day...
Apr 1 - 10AM
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My Gemini Men were both narcissists

Yes, my husband of 6 yrs was born June 3 and my soon to be ex domestic partner was born June 10. Both guys were from totally different backrounds but were eerily similar. Geminis, Selfish, Immature, Cold blooded and pathological liars, spent excessively did everything obsessively and were sex addicts. However I suspect my ex husband of being bi-sexual. Who knows bout my ex bf. I wouldn't be surprised bout anything he wouldn't do though. My ex bf(dom partner) was also a alcoholic..drinks not often but when he does its excessive. NO MORE GEMINI MEN FOR ME! THEY were both TOXIC as hell w no empathy whatsoever. Blamed me for everything wrong in their lives!!!
Aug 26 - 10PM (Reply to #16)
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Agree totally cbaby

Totally sound's like my experience to a tee. Would not have a clue how to save money and lazy as, always turns to alcohol to try and deal with the horrible person they really are. No empathy and so self absorbed then came the late nights home from work and he turned up already half drunk so who knows where he was and spun me shit that he came straight home from work, probably was on one of his interenet dates, god help the poor unsuspecting women who is next on the list. I wish there was a way to warn all women out there of the selfish self absorbed pathalogical liars. I wish he would meet up with one of his own kind one day. maybe they would be the perfect match and leave us normal people alone.
Mar 28 - 1PM
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I'm not into Astrology

but had to add that mine was a Gemini, too!
Mar 28 - 1PM
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Mine too was a gemini

Mine also was a Gem and I think Geminis already have that dr. jekle and Mr Hyde personality to begin with so it might be hard at times to see what is npd and what is typical gem traits however mine totally lives in a fantasy world of becoming a famous author. He was able to flick the switch on us and immediately replace me after a long term relationship when i brought reality to his inner world. This happened even before i even knew anything about npd so needless to say I was shocked to see that there was no real depth at all to our long term relationship. And although at times i miss him or at least the pretend him I find it very sad that at 58 in order to feel good about himself he has to be with someone who will just sit there and agree to live in his fantasy world with him.


Mar 28 - 10AM
narcnarcwhosthere (not verified)
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Jesus was a Capricorn.......

and so is the Psychonarc...i see the irony...but he wouldn't..
Mar 28 - 11AM (Reply to #9)
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actually... Jesus was not born in Decemeber.

That is just the story. He had to be born in the summer beacause of where the stars in the sky were that night! Im a capricorn so I had to speak up!
Aug 26 - 10PM (Reply to #12)
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Jesus was born in the spring..........

Shephards were out watching their flocks because it was "lambing" time....and the lambs come in the spring....also very symbolic, because we often refer to our Lord as the "Lamb"............summer is CLOSE, and it probably WAS close to summer but it was actually springtime....the stars do hold true to that.....good point! I love our Lord, I like to learn as much about Jesus's time on earth as I can! : ))
Mar 28 - 11AM (Reply to #10)
narcnarcwhosthere (not verified)
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oh no....

the psychopath will be so disappointed!!...he always thought that was something else they had in common.....
Mar 28 - 11AM (Reply to #11)
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love you!!

thats funny... !
Mar 28 - 10AM
Barbara (not verified)
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this is brought up numerous times on this board and there's no rhyme or reason to it... at all. why are you on PlentyofFish? It's on the news constantly for being packed with rapists, pervs, assault & battery types, murderers. Online dating is a HUGE no no - packed with predators. Why are you still looking at his profile? ~~~~~~~~~ The world is a dangerous place, not only because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. - Albert Einstein Visit My Info. Website for Abuse Victims
Mar 28 - 11AM (Reply to #3)
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plentyoffish or Geminis?

Do you mean a lot of the NPD's are Gemini? Or is Plentyoffish a topic on here?? I would never do an online dating thing... I agree.... no no no!.
Mar 28 - 11AM (Reply to #4)
Barbara (not verified)
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I mean the horoscope thing and NPD is baloney... zero relationship Psycho-Boy: CANCER SOCIOPATH 1: PISCES NarcMom: ARIES exNH: LEO 1st Narc: SAGITTARIUS ~~~~~~~~~ The world is a dangerous place, not only because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. - Albert Einstein Visit My Info. Website for Abuse Victims
Mar 28 - 12PM (Reply to #5)
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Astological sign

Yeah, their astrological sign has nothing to do with it. Astrology pertains to people with character, and they have none. Mine is a Libra, and they're supposed to be all about balance and justice. I'll tell you, no one wanted more imbalance or injustice than my N!
Mar 28 - 1PM (Reply to #6)
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I know they occur in every sign possible.... I just noticed so many creeps on Online dating sites happened to BE gemin! I was just curious if it was HERE too!
Mar 28 - 1PM (Reply to #7)
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No Gemini's

Actually, I've been hoping to be with a Gemini already considering I'm a Libra and "they say" a Gemini would be my perfect match. Last exN/psycho - Taurus Abuser before - not sure - didn't catch his birthday Possible n - Leo 1st sociopath - Cancer Abuser before sociopath - Aries Possible n before that bum - Libra
Mar 28 - 11AM (Reply to #2)
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im not looking at his profile anymore.

I just found out about it two weeks ago.... he posted all the pics I TOOK of him in Peru... his eyes looking at ME.... I was so pissed I told him to take down ALL of my fotos or I would expose him. I still hadnt learned about NPD yet.... they were MY fotos!! OUR TRIP... where I used to live... he used them and referred in his profile-- about how he loved to take international romantic getaways.. and cuddle on the sofa in front of the fire... and all this total bullshit... he was even into "spiritual psychology" WTF???? He works for a charter company... they dont even get perks.... He took his profile offline.... when I told him to take my pics down. I was humiliated.