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Mar 11 - 4AM (Reply to #17)
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That sounds like a great topic Ideal

The best get out of my life lines we have used: Ooppps sorry, most of them I can't share on here. They were really bad. Oh well, when I am backed against the wall, I stick up for myself, what can I say? And a couple of things I did, not suitable for public consumption. LOl!! I'll tell you about them if you come to the Cape this summer. You know you can stay here if you want. Luv ya, Goldie
Mar 10 - 6PM (Reply to #15)
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Go F yourself, your mother and your dog!! Heeeeeeee! I wish I could borrow your attitude for a day and beat the hell out of my Narc with it!!
Mar 11 - 5AM (Reply to #16)
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They like two women right? Lets tag team, their Idea of a three some and ours would shock ( or should I say sock ) them! I have quite a vile mouth when pushed! :) Idealk
Mar 10 - 3PM
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I've got one...

It's a real doozy. (out of the blue, via text): "I might have a girlfriend!" How's that for a 1-2 punch? Nice, I guess I was supposed to be thrilled for him? Explain that to the past 4 years of him living up my butt and around the corner! Thanks for the memo, I guess, Jerkwad.
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(out of the blue, via text): "I might have a girlfriend!" my narc said this to me, i said when will you know?, is she going to send you a post card. i cannot believe i was with this idiot for 5years, omg
Mar 11 - 5AM (Reply to #12)
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I think that is the greatest come-back in history! You have made my morning! Good job!!! They are all idiots. Thanks for the laugh!! Sara
Mar 11 - 5AM (Reply to #13)
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you are welcome, i have hundreds of stories like this, i was once called queen of the one liner, but not by narc of course. lol
Mar 10 - 5PM (Reply to #10)
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That is awful incognito burrito!!!!

Shows how truly oblivious they are to humanity...my ex N said as many an oblivious statements...God love you for surviving him...
Mar 10 - 4PM (Reply to #9)
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"It shouldn't matter to you that I already have a girlfriend." (3 months after I've declared my love- guess who pulled the dump&disappear trick? NOT the Narc this time)
Mar 10 - 3PM (Reply to #6)
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He "might" have one? When does he get the results back? Seriously, what a tool. Who (over the age of five) says that?
Mar 11 - 4AM (Reply to #8)
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"When does he get the results

"When does he get the results back?" LOLOLOLOLOL - awesome! :-)
Mar 10 - 4PM (Reply to #7)
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Yeah... way to lead me on there, bucko! It was one of those statements that made me feel in an INSTANT as though I had simply IMAGINED the past 4 years. As though I had concocted them all on my own.
Mar 10 - 3PM
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N- If you just do what I say

N- If you just do what I say we wouldn't have problems. N- It's my way or the highway. N- You can cut your hair short, even though you would look bad I would still love you. Ewww!
Mar 10 - 7PM (Reply to #2)
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After I told him I thought he was a Narc I sent him this poem with a note saying how great I know he could be if he just let his good side out. The Turtle and The Scorpion By David Rackoff The scorpion was hamstrung, his tail all aquiver. Just how would he manage to get ‘cross the river? ‘The water’s so deep,’ he observed with a sigh, Which pricked at the ears of the tortoise nearby. ‘Well, why don’t you swim?’ asked the slow-moving fellow. ‘Unless you’re afraid. I mean, what are you, yellow?’ The scorpion said ‘It isn’t a matter of fear or of whim,’ ‘But that I don’t know how to swim.’ ‘Ah, forgive me. I didn’t mean to be glib When I said that I thought you were a fellow amphib ‘No offense taken,’ the scorpion replied. ‘But how ’bout you help me to reach the far side? You swim like a dream and you have what I lack. What say you take me across on your back?’ ‘I’m really not sure that’s the best thing to do,’ ‘I am a bit frightened now as I see that it’s you. You’ve a less than ideal reputation preceding. There’s talk of your victims all poisoned and bleeding. You’re the scorpion. And, how can I say this but, well, I just don’t feel safe with you riding my shell.’ The scorpion replied, ‘What would killing you prove? We’d both drown. So tell me how would that behoove Me to basically die at my very own hand, When all I desire is to be on dry land?’ The tortoise considered the scorpion’s defense. When he gave it some thought it made perfect sense. The niggling voice in his mind he ignored And he swam to the bank and called out, ‘Climb aboard.’ But just a few moments from when they set sail, The scorpion lashed out with his venomous tail. The tortoise too late understood that he’d blundered When he felt his flesh stabbed and his carapace sundered. As he fought for his life he said, ‘Tell me why You have done this? For we now will surely both die!’ ‘I don’t know!’ cried the scorpion. ‘You never should trust A creature like me because poison I must. I’d claim some remorse or at least some compunction But I just can’t help it. My form is my function. You thought I’d behave like my cousin the crab, But unlike him, it is my nature to stab.’ The tortoise expired with one final quiver, And then both of them sank, swallowed up by the river. The tortoise was wrong to ignore all his doubts Because in the end, friends, our natures win out.” *****He responded with this****** A poem for women By Narc Women are nuts They're pains in men's butts They'd be usless except for their vagina's (ok that last part didn't rhyme) I don't think it's me-- I think it's him.
Mar 13 - 10AM (Reply to #3)
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Regarding his ex girlfriend spending the nite...

She has her own room at his house..supposedly she sleeps there...but I have found some of her stuff in his room. And not on his side of the bed. *ahem* "She knows i'm dating you and we are just friends. i know she still cares for me but she has for the past 2 yrs and nothing has happened btwn us. I guess I do feel sorry for her but that's it. I don't see any reason for me to tell her not to ever come over again as she really cares for Zoey since she is her dog. She tried taking Zoey home with her awhile back and after 2 hrs she just sat by the door looking sad. j doesn't have a fenced in yard and zoey is so against change that she wouldn't even eat so she brought her back home to me. J does noy rate above you or even close to you as it's completely different. She has her own room to stay in downstairs if she stays over. This is why I alays said I wanted to take things slowly so we could see where they go without silly problems like this arising. The bottom line is that I spend all of my free time with you that your schedule allows and we have fun together--why does it have to get complicated?" I particularly like the "silly" problems, comment. Way to make me feel better. And we are taking things slowly of course. He, however, had promised my daughter a room at his house, of which she could paint and decorate and call her own. How am I supposed to be cool and my daughter and ex gets more committment than ME!!!?!?

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.' --Mary Anne Radmache

Mar 13 - 4PM (Reply to #4)
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Well, after 20 yrs. of

Well, after 20 yrs. of marriage (prison for me) he told me he would never let another woman come between him and me/kids. Also, he did offer to let me live in the house with him and split the bills and date other people. All I have to do is think of those two comments and know he ain't the one for me. Classic narc, he wanted us to stay friends. Gawsh, did I actually love him? He was such a loser. He even tried to blame our daughter for our shotty marriage. She told him she was just a kid-a byproduct of her environment. My kids are quicker and smarter than me. My son still lives with him and has to school him everyday on what being the man of the house really means. Maybe he can teach him something noone else could. He aint doing it with love either. LOL I sound mean, but I have no emphathy for him. He used it all up.