Feeling alot better today

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#1 Mar 25 - 1PM
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Feeling alot better today

But I have a long way to go in SELF healing.

It helped me to talk to others because I could not rationalize how I was feeling. Everyone kept saying to me I was dealing with a sick person and psychopath.

I need to start getting my inner self together because what's more frightening for me is the fact that I could end up with someone who will really do serious damage, and considering I've been with an alcoholic and went into a depression over that, something is not right.

I think a large part of the problem is I grew up in an alcoholic home, so I'm attracted to what I've experienced.

The sad thing is, I, if aware right away, am totally turned off by men that drink (2009 was my first relationship with an alcoholic), but wolves smell blood and considering I'm wounded from past experiences, its no wonder this guy was able to pick up on that before I realized HE himself had a problem. That's why he wanted to know my "soul" so badly because he was sniffing me out, and the slight suggestion or question about his past, should have let me know he had a lot to hide.

From now on, anyone I let into my life, I will have to do a background check and ask a lot of questions about their past and their relationship with their parents because if I don't, I will continue to get sucked into this dangerous path.

I have a long way to go........