Fed Up

I haven't been on in a long time, and was under another name because I was sure i was being stalked by OW. Well,things have been great. great life, family, back in college, etc, etc. Been off FB a few months. Come to find out someone was impersonating me on FB. A friend of mine wanted to know why I ignored her friend request!? I was blown away. My picture wasn't used, just my entire full name! Believe me, I have no enemies. She is the only one who would have something against me....or the narc. I really don't know which one. I am furious and I hate that I am because I am letting her get to me. I called her work # as soon as the place opened hoping to talk to her and confront her. No one answered and I left a message and ya know what? I couldn't care less who received it. She obviously has no boundaries, so why should I respect hers? Left a message for her telling her I knew what she did and she crossed the line. I said she needs to get her priorities straight. Told her to never, ever do anything again. Well, gee.......who calls my cell and leaves 3 texts and calls twice? NARC. I erased each message w/o reading. Answered phone then hung up with both calls. I was in no condition to talk to him. Not to sound funny, but I really do feel violated! Later this afternoon, I google her name, just to see what she's been up to (stalking a stalker, LOL).....she wrote mean and hurtful things about me on a cheating website! There was this whole conversation going back and forth between her and 2 or 3 other people. The thread was about her cheating, and then she responding to it!! Then another person chiming in giving her a hard time. unbelievable! She said I was delusional and had mental illness because I saw a therapist for anger issues????? What? Yes, I did see a therapist to help me break it off with Narc and I was good to go!! Anger issues?? Delusional about what?? I think its ashame she has to insult people for seeing a therapist for relationship issues. Oh man! So anyway....she is getting to me after all this time. She is crazy. Just wanted to vent. Thanks!!

Jennyxoxo~ yeah, that's right! It's me and I don't give a "F" who reads it :))

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Crazy bitch is jealous you got away from the Narc and she's still stuck in his warped world. Ignore her, she's a petty thing!
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After the N's are no longer in the picture, the lessons we learned begin to focus on all those around us. I read along time ago to not be surprised that if you have one N in your life, there will be others that you didn't see before. Your eyes are wide open. Personally, I have been ridding all toxic people from my life. When I was floundering about maybe being too harsh, my cousin with stage 4 breast cancer put it into perspective. She's been getting rid of toxic people for years now. Nothing like someone facing death for 10 yrs to put things into perspective. This friend sounds like a candidate for immediate removal. almostlydia


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I'm sorry, I wasn't clear with my post. The OW is the one trying to wreek havoc in my life. A friend of mine thought they saw me on FB, so friend requested me. The request was ignored, because it wasn't me! So she asks this morning why I didn't accept the request and I was like....what? I am not on FB.......it is someone else posing as me. I have no doubt it is OW that came after me :( So sad......