EXWN and her new supply

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EXWN and her new supply

So my daughter tells me last night that her mom (the exwn) has a new boyfriend. And she wants my daughter to meet him. And she is selling her house and moving in with him. And that she feels she might as well do this because her daughter doesn't want to spend any time with her anyway.

I explained to my daughter that her mothers actions had nothing to do with her not wanting to spend much time with her mother. I told her that people make decisions based on what they want, but that they sometimes try to make others feel guilty in order to not take responsibility for their own behavior.

Our conversation was short, and without drama, thank God!

But here I am, divorce final in October of 2010, still dealing with this crap. It isn't a huge deal today, but it did bring up some anger, and some hurt. I called a buddy first thing this morning, and got some validation regarding my conversation last night with my kid...I try to run that stuff by someone else when I feel too close and fear I might lose my sane perspective.

A couple of things about this regarding other members on the site here. If you don't have kids with the Narc, that is something to be grateful for! If you do, and you get to be there for your child, what a blessing to have some influence and some control over how that child is raised!

We all think before we do...whether we are aware of it or not...it can only work that way. Our thoughts are the power...like a form of creation. We can create (God inspired), or we can mis-create (Ego-inspired). It is a choice, and the more I work on awareness, the clearer it all becomes to me. God's inspirations are so loving, kind, inclusive, and peaceful. My inspirations??? Not so much, lol!

My kid is a tough bird, and I pray for her to continue to receive inspiration, and for the strength to stay God centered myself.

Yes, I did want to send a nasty message to the ex...and no, I didn't! The feeling passed quickly...recovery is cool. And guess what, I didn't even know she wasn't with the old guy, and had moved on. That is growth, that is freedom, that is me having my life, with the people in it that I want, that I choose, that I love!


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Yes, not knowing their business is HUGE growth