Ex N best friend is getting married today, i was not invited

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#1 Oct 1 - 10AM
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Ex N best friend is getting married today, i was not invited

My ex best friend who is also an N is getting married today. I heard about the wedding date a few months ago. We were friends for over 15 years till her actions made me realize she was taking advantage of and using me. We broke ties, this is the same person I keep having dreams about and who I get anxiety from when I see her. The good thing is her wedding is another state, but once i told her i could not afford to be in her wedding that was the last I heard from her, she asked me via email after not hearing from her for months. It is just me or would someone, who is a true friend have taken the time to ask something like that in person or on the phone, or offered to pay once I said I could not afford it. Or maybe she was not as a good a friend as i had thought. I am still sad though, in a way.

Oct 2 - 1PM
uk lady
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Sorry to say that if she was ever your best friend she would never have treated you in this manner. Be thankful that you are not involved with her anymore. You have had a lucky escape and let her go forward in whichever manner she see fits. You have saved yourself lots of money on someone who is not worth your attention. Let her go out of your life. We all have lessons to learn. Good job, girl. Dee x
Oct 1 - 11AM
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If she is a narc, be thankful

If she is a narc, be thankful she is not in your life anymore. This is the women that had you walking on eggshells right? So, your not invited to the wedding. Look at it this way, what are you really missing out on? A narc standing at the alter, lying to her spouse with her vows, a DJ playing the same lame wedding music that you hear at every wedding, the same lame food that you eat at the other weddings, the same lame swan ice sculpture you see at other weddings. And the gift you have to give that you wonder was it enough or too much? Oh yeh, and let's not forget the only single male guest at the wedding, that you of course get placed at the same table, and you would rather stick needles in your eyes than associate with him. And, you get out of doing the Chicken dance and the Hokey Pokey. Go to a movie, relax and enjoy yourself. You are not missing anything that you haven't already seen before. My congrats to them and their wedded bliss. I wonder how long it will take that poor man to realize what he has done to himself.
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Sparro, thanks

Sparrow, Thanks for your response. Yes, its the same person I have to walk on egg shells with. I know it's better not having her in my life, but its still weird. And you are right, it would be a miserable wedding, she only met the guy a year ago and got engaged less then a year after meeting him. The one and only time I saw them together in their home, he was doing all the cooking, she cant cook, and seemed to be doing everything. Their wedding web site was written by her, how they met, which was a lie, they met online and she said different. She said he is patient, he better be. It was weird seeing her that way. But as far as the wedding and our friendship, i am better off and i know. But as we all know, it takes a long time to get over the pain of a N relationship, friendship or otherwise.