Even in my dreams

Last night I had a dream my exn boyfriend wanted to add me as a friend on fb. The user name he used was "Remorseful". I knew it was him, even in my dream I laughed at the name...lol. Well I accepted and looked through his profile, which was sad because he appeared to be lost and lonely without me. I woke up in a panic.
I have been NC for over 6 weeks, yesterday was not a good day, I had alot of anxiety and obsessive thoughts about him. I know that is why I had that stupid dream, I know he is NOT remorseful in any way. I wish his selfish ass would just get out of my head!
Thanks for listening to me ramble. I am just pissed that he won't go away, if even in my dreams.

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It will take time. And over time, it will become less and less. But as long as you are still dreaming about him, there is something left inside of you that remains unprocessed and needs to come out. I'm 2 years out and he was in my dreams both last night and the night before. It's been at least 6mos since the last time, but I can see why it would happen now with weather changes, certain triggers, and memories. I wish it would go away, too, but I think there's something to learn from it. It's either a reminder that he only pretended to be the good person you've just dreamed of or that he really was as much of a jerk as he just was in your dream. Let it out...
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Thoughts of him will eventually dissappear. They do, with each day that you are NC and working on your journey. He will begin to become smaller and smaller in your rearview. It takes time and effort. Don't force him out of your head, let him leave through the process....... Keep up the good work! And stay strong!