Entertainment Industry Narc

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Entertainment Industry Narc

I know, right? Of COURSE there are Narcs hovering around the Ent. Industry. smh... I'll put something in Share My Story later... but for now a few questions:

1. She hid it for 4 1/2 years until after we were engaged and mutually agreed to have a child together... before being wed. Now, the baby is 2 years old and I'm living apart from what I thought was going to be a "family." I can't do NC because of the child and visitation & shared custody. Suggestions?

2. How can I protect our daughter from a high functioning, high earning Narc who simply throws money (Nanny, toys, 'new money' opulence, etc...) but is incapable of giving of herself (because there's nothing really there)?

3. She is wicked smart but does NOT have an "electric" personality by any means. She can mimic being personable, but really isn't. However that is one of my attributes. She literally just threw herself a huge birthday party, rented a mansion, etc... but 3/4 of the people attending were people that she met through me AND she's now telling * MY * friends flat-out lies (of course, all negative) about ME and why our relationship is now over! Suggestions on how to deal with THIS one?

4. Has absolutely EVERY Narc trait in Lisa's book and then some but was a totally different person for almost 5 years before 'crazy' hit. There's also some DARK family history... her Mother did the same thing to her Dad when she was a kid. Is there MORE going on here than just being a Narc?

Note: Had I not stumbled onto Lisa's book via an online article a couple of months ago, I'm sure I would've been completely crushed by the 'CRAZY' that has happened over the last year or so. Even though it's obviously still 'uncomfortable', I am SO much better prepared for her shenanigans that I think it's beginning to throw her off. I'll never tell her that she is a Narc or consciously play into her desire for 'back & forth' BS, but I honestly can't wait for when she tries to 'rekindle' what was... THAT will be epic.

Thanks in advance for your advice... I need some outside perspective.

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Hi Flying, Read the Blogs,