Did he ever send you a text by "mistake"?

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Did he ever send you a text by "mistake"?

I wonder if anyone had this happen to them:

Several times I would receive a text that was totally out of context and I would say "what are you talking about?". He would text back saying "oops, that was meant for someone else"

I am sure that he did that to let me know he is involved with someone else, that he is just so damn busy..just a stud. He did it to the OW when she was out of the country. He sent her a text with my name. He really shook her up.

Just one example of the games he played.

Oct 28 - 3PM
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Just another game in

Just another game in Narcville!! Hunter
Oct 28 - 3PM
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lol yep. and phone calls, not

lol yep. and phone calls, not leaving a voicemail. Early after the breakup he did this. Then I’d text…’you called?’ Oh, I dialed your number by mistake. I look back at all that, and it’s like a blur. Like…did that really happen …TO ME?? LOL It will never again happen to me, I’ll say that. The SECOND anyone ever plays a head game with me again, I’m out.
Oct 28 - 3PM
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My ex did one better - he

My ex did one better - he left me a VOICEMAIL meant for someone else: "Hey, what's up? Going to get you food! Later!" I was thoroughly confused (although even then, my gut knew what was going on) and called him back - he didn't answer, naturally. Called me back about half an hour later and asked, all confused and dazed, "Why did I call you? I don't remember." I told him what his message had said and said I assumed it was meant for someone else. He frantically backpedaled: "No, no, I was ASKING if you wanted to GO GET dinner . . . " I wish I'd had the nerve to point out that he'd just now called me because he didn't know why he'd initially called me, but I didn't. Then he said I was breaking up and he was losing service and he'd call me right back. And of course he never did.
Oct 28 - 1AM
Syren66 (not verified)
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No, thankfully..that is the

No, thankfully..that is the one relatively predictable Narc trait the ex didn't avail himself of. However, since I've gone NC and there is an OW, I wouldn't put it past him. Oh wait...I blocked him from ever sending me a text on my cell...so maybe he has tried...ignorance is bliss! :D
Oct 28 - 12AM
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The first time it happened to

The first time it happened to me we were NC forcabout 2 months. I thought it was an accident. The text said "send me some hit pics of you." I responded..."huh?" the next day he texted saying he was sorry because his friend used his phone to text his wife and our names start with the same initial. And so on.... The next time he sent a text saying " where are you? I'm here at the bar." i So strange how these creatures are wired. My fave was when he forwarded an email that announced an award he got. Ugh..... Such a narc. Remembering This stuff really helped me remind me of the crap I've dealt with and what a piece of shit he is. (sorry for the bad language.)
Oct 28 - 1AM (Reply to #14)
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Lol. I'm just

Lol. I'm just amazed......they must all have read the same mind game manuals. Its absolutely amazing.
Oct 27 - 11PM
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Omg , haha. Mine has tried

Omg , haha. Mine has tried the same thing and I knew in my gut that it was supposed to look like an accident. He did this at least 3 or 4 times. Sometimes I would even get a text that was blank. All of this was designed to get me to start pursuing him again and give him supply usually after one of his many discards. They are all so similar and predictable at times it is amazing!!!
Oct 27 - 11PM
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here is my "accidentle texts"

this is what he sent me this is copy pasted from my online journal..................... got back from dropping mom off at the airport with Dennis and checked my phone ....brett text me here is the text I don't want to bug you. I just want to say, whether you believe me or not, i never cheated on you. I'm sorry if i ever neglected you, made you feel unloved, hated, or not special. Truth is i have a way of pushing everyone away that i love. and i DO love you. I know this by my inability to eat or sleep. I have to force myself into these things. I'm not asking to take me back because we have too much pain between us to ever fix. But we also had an incredible amount of love. I know this by my inability to think of anyone or anything but you. I wish we could go back to the very begining and just be happy together , but thats too late now and all i can do is sit here and pine over losing you. that girl dalene got a serious reality check. she's exactly like tim. bases her entire world off of facebook. i didnt go on facebook to talk to anyone, but you have no trust of me to believe me. natalie, you were and always will be THE MOST important person in my life. I wish only happiness -attached to the text was the picture of us that alyssa took HERE IS THE "ACCIDENTLE TEXT" ok.......now he sent me another text "meant for someone else" 10:27pm Seriously dude. I cannot just stop thinking about her. Yeah, exercise works for all of 20 minutes, but i'm on the strip right now, with no clue why. I don't want to hook up or even flirt. I'm sure i creep everyone out, since i wear my emotions out on my sleeves. if she was here, i'd be having a great time. watched the fountains, checked out city center, saw a heard of elvis's . But it's nothing without someone to share it with. Damnit! Why did she do this to me? Seriously! I hate this feeling. I did nothing wrong and we're no longer. I know she's still in vegas, because i can still feel her.If she's gone back to her son. that's why still feel her. I reminded her of her son. I love her more than my heart could ever bear. She hates me for to her with love and empathy and took the # #1 memory from her and told her it was a lie. I wanted her to know the truth, but i guess i should have taken it to my grave. She deserves the best, i don't know what i am. i never cheated. I'm glad ofthat. NOW...you tell me? yes they do it on purpose
Oct 28 - 3PM (Reply to #11)
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that's a text message? that

that's a text message? that freakin long? God, these people need lives. bla bla bla...me ...and then, did i tell you about MEEEE? bla bla...and then I'm so amazing...wait. did i tell you about MEEE? Then, this chick...she was sooo in love with MEEEE...wait, you're listening right? Because we're talking about me me memememememeeeeeeeeee that is pretty much what all their long winded bs texts translate as. lol the next time you're sent such an assanine text? text back...give it a fucking rest already... they are such wimps. no real men go on and on and on about their feelings in such tedious ways. as if the world is waiting for this text *eye roll*
Oct 1 - 3AM
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no but he called me by mistake at 1 am

during one of his silent treatments - I think he just pressed the wrong button and when he realized it he hung up - I was so happy to see his number on my caller id back then - had no idea why he disappeared and after 6 weeks went to find him. He was sitting alone in his basement and happy to see me - said he did not know why he suddenly disappeared, said "I am a knuckle head" and we went back together... Back then I thought jail, marriage or some life crisis - had no idea they just do this crazy stuff
Sep 30 - 11PM
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OMG my NH does this all of

OMG my NH does this all of the time...trust me he meant to send you those messages. My N would always send me messages that were supposedly by mistake and it would always either be talking to another woman or be talking to someone else about me. I had to think about it and I realized that when we are together he never sends me messages by mistake. Also, it is too big of a coincedence that every time he sends these messages they always happen to be about me in some type of way. We have been off and on for a long time and every time we are off I start getting these fake messages. My NH recently did it and admitted to it the next day. He told me that these messages weren't accidents and he sends them in hopes that if it appears that it was meant for someone else I would believe what was said in the messages. Obviously this is PD behavior, just another way in trying to manipulate us in some way. This is childish to me and i never respond to these fake messages. I understand how you cannot be NC I cannot either. We are still married and we have 2 children, however we are in the process of divorce.
Sep 30 - 11AM
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As we were trying to be friends after me leaving him a yr ago, he sent me a txt meant for a girl he told me he was really attracted to. The txt was him organizing their weekend together, which I knew was BS since he never organized anything. He may or may not have gone with her, but I knew the txt was to get me going, which it did! I took the bait and freaked out! Fucking asshole!
Sep 30 - 11AM (Reply to #6)
Done sourcing
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I tried to be friends

but I couldnt for two reasons. One, it isnt good for me because I dont get any positive feelings from trying to be her friend. And when I stay engaged it gives her supply, which she will do anything for to keep that going. Two, the narc is not capable of being a friend becuase they need other things more, and what they need makes being a friend impossilbe for them. What I got was drama, chaos, dysfunction, and suction from a dark spirit! I can't afford to give my energy away anymore, it feels too good to live in the light and freedom! We really do need to discard them completely, and without explanation, as even explaining that to them keeps the dance going. Block, delete, remove and omit...and you will be free and find yourself laughing and feeling the power build and the light grow! ds
Sep 30 - 11AM (Reply to #7)
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very True

I was fooling myself to think him and I could be friends. It always baffled me how easy it was for him to try to be my friend right after the break up and a yr later. Like a robot, No feelings! Course now I see he's a crazy robot with no feelings cept needing his NS! It was all about seeing if he could get me back and when he realized I still loved him, he backed off and played me. ugh, sickening!
Sep 30 - 10AM
Done sourcing
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If we dont respond the games

If we dont respond the games have no power. Early in recovery we get triggered by them, and feel compelled to respond. We have the power of choice every day in every way...No contact, and no response when they call. Here's your validation, he is a crazy assclown narc and the sooner you delete him completely out of your life the sooner the new life will begin. Talking and responding to them keeps us stuck in the chaos and crap, so as a HUNTER I know says---delete delete delete! ds
Sep 30 - 9AM
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Yes....he sent me a message

Yes....he sent me a message that he had called me about getting together a particular weekend, but when I checked my phone there wasn't a call from him. I also once got a text that was meant for his gf and another that was meant for a roommate. Crazy.
Sep 30 - 12AM
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No from my exN

He simply cant be bothered abt me.
Sep 29 - 11PM
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omg mine would do the same

omg mine would do the same thing, like text "huh?" or "what?" but it was his way of starting contact with me without putting effort in it or without it looking like he wanted to contact me. always games with them, never respect