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Cheated on by a female narc

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Done sourcing
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Cheated on by a female narc

Last year I got cheated on by a female narc, formerly known as wife, now to be called the exwn, lol.

It hurt like a hot iron lanced into the gut. I was shamed, ashamed, humiliated, lost, betrayed, devastated, and dropped on my head. I was lied to, manipulated, threatened, objectified, abused, ignored, fooled, and crushed...then treated like last weeks garbage...

My masculinity was threatened. So was my sanity. I was in denial and avoidance, anger and fear...Cognitive dissonance??? I get it!

I wanted to fix it. I wanted it all to go away. I wanted to choke the mean out of her. I wanted to scream from the roof how unfair it all was. And nobody gave a shit, that is how alone and confused I felt March of 2010.

I knew she had a pathology, but never even investigated what it might be. I had given up on thinking it would ever be different, I just tried to make it as ok as possible.

Did I mention I had a child with her. That always had a huge impact on my ability to make a decision. I wouldhave been gone long before her d and d of me but for the child...but that is only mind fucking what if thinking on my part. Facts are plain, I was in for the long haul to keep the family together and give my kid the most normal upbringing I could.

Little did I know, or could I conceive, how having my kid in my own house half the time would be better and healthier and nicer than living the difficult co-existence with the exwn. Live and learn, hopefully learn, lol.


Sep 10 - 11AM
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welcome to the you have been narced club....but have still kept your sense of humour...never did i know how i craved the peace and contentment i have reached today...had i known it would take 31years of marriage and 6/7 with another narc to get where i am today...i dont think i would have managed it....
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I think i realised my ex was

I think i realised my ex was a narc when i am at 25 and i am certain its a blessing.When she broke up with me and blamed everything on me that the other guy was there in her life was because of me and with all the projection i really thought it was all my fault but i do still miss her some time.What the funny part is , one of her friend is trying to fill my ex’s gap in life and did i mention my ex hated this other friend because she was attractive,it was more like hate when she is not around and act normal. Curious is it normal to miss her and there are times when i feel like i should give her a quick call but i know she is staying with this other guy and it really pisses me off.Show some respect women we have been in a relationship for 3 and half years and you already have a guy waiting to fill the gap in two days....Sorry i am whinging!!!!!.