The chat rooms are up and running

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#1 Aug 12 - 11AM
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The chat rooms are up and running

Look to the right of the page and click on. We all have a FREE trial until Monday. Enjoy.

God bless,

Aug 13 - 6PM
Lisa E. Scott
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Sorry about the speed of Chat Rooms

Hi all, My apologies on the speed of the Chat Rooms. I was told because we are now on a dedicated server, speed would not be an issue. Obviously, something isn't working right so we will be bringing them down to work out the kinks. Thanks for your patience! xoxo
Aug 14 - 12PM (Reply to #8)
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Thanks Lisa

God bless, Goldie
Aug 13 - 11AM
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Is anyone up for chatting??

Would love to chat and also the posts were a bit slow last night want to check out how it is working today. God bless, Goldie
Aug 12 - 10PM
58 and going strong
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Hi Goldie, chatroom is

Hi Goldie, chatroom is great!! Makes it more personal somehow. But as others joined in, it became very slow. i couldn't see what I was typing most of the time. But I guess that's just the baby steps for now. Have a great evening and thank you so much for all you do here!
Aug 13 - 4AM (Reply to #5)
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Same thing happened to me

I went on again last night and everyone said hi to me and my responses were not showing up. I tried for awhile. I noticed that it happens when there are more then a few on there. I'll let Lisa know and see what can be done. It was great to see everyone on there though, looks like a good converstation was in progress. Thanks 58. God bless, Goldie
Aug 12 - 4PM
fooled no longer
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hi Goldie

tried licking on chatroom link nothing happens.
Aug 12 - 6PM (Reply to #3)
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I'll let Lisa know

Keep trying, I'm having trouble with all my posts showing up. Kinks. God bless, Goldie
Aug 12 - 11AM
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Go to the home page

And look on the upper right hand corner and you will see them. G.B. Goldie