The Butterfly on your Cheek

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The Butterfly on your Cheek

I have never been with a man for a long time. I had never before raised children in a mixed family, dealt with in-laws, both friendly and hateful; I had never experienced the beyond normal dramas, health scares,mental crises and other assorted surprises that make up life.

I met Joe and fell in love with his eyes. I knew this was a kind man. Unfortunately we were both going through bitter divorces and I believe it affected how our relationship began. There was some minor arguing and violence, exacerbated by my daughter, but it seemed to resolve over time. However a move to another state to work, a personal issue that was straining us, and just a gradual slipping away of t he every day intimacy you need to survive.

As it stretched into 4 years there were certain things we just got used to; like doing dishes a certain way, eating when I wanted, basically going by my own schedule. It was mostly boring. Now when Hubby came home he only 2 days to rest, drive, do laundry and any other errands. We almost never got that extended alone time you need. And of course, I wanted to get out of the house, and he wanted to stay in and rest. Now when you see someone every day for brief moment in the morning or evening, and even better to sleep with them, all is right with the world again. Years of not having that, and it gets a lot harder to remember all is right with the world.

But I know it always sounds like BS, and it doesn't make any difference, but i love him more now than the day i met him.