blocking their cell phone number

I have just been told that I am a miserable and bitter person and one day he hopes I am happy and content with myself.

Hmm wow. i notice that when he isnt around and i dont have to deal with him, Im finding contentment and happiness and Peace. Hmm wow without him.

So i Did a little investigating. I have verizon wireless cell service. You can block their number from calling your cell or texting you. Also it keeps you from calling them or texting them just in case you have that urge.

wanted to share the info.

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That turd was just projecting...picture him holding a mirror up to his face while saying all that, makes MUCH more sense, right?? Thanks for the tip, I'm sure it'll be very helpful here!
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they say the nicest things don't they? It's always either projection or trying to make you feel miserable when it's over. I couldn't block my phone, as with handset I've got (I'm in UK) I'd have had to change my number. He didn't text me though. But I did block his email. I was fairly sure he'd send me a "hi, how are things" email at some point. It has really, really helped. Just knowing I don't know if he's contacting me has strangely made me feel a lot freer. I'd do the same to my phone if I could, didn't want to lose number.