Be Open For Something New and To Be The Real You!

What would happen if you opened yourself up? I know, in my experience, my first instinct in dealing with the pain was to go into my shell and curl up into a ball. I think you have to go through this as part of the healing process. Many times, we may need to go through this phase again but I notice it is pretty short-lived once you really start to heal and realize your own self worth. You tend to bounce back more quickly and stronger than you were before.

When you feel stronger, take a chance! Venture out of your comfort zone. Show your true colors of who you really are! Keep stepping out of the box and remember who you were before the narc came along. Be a little rebellious, too! One of my closest and dearest friends from college told me recently that she could tell I was healing because my fun, rebellious side was returning LOL!