Battlestar Gallactica -- Psychopathy in Storytelling

I've started watching the Battlestar Gallactica Series from 2004 -- I'm in the middle of season two.

I'm watching it with the perspective of Psychopathy. The concepts of what is human and what is an "it". Fighting evil.

Some thing I have learned in my fight with the EXNH-Pscyhopath --
-It's not pretty. It's an ugly fight with an evil monster. How does that look in a movie or t.v. show? Well, the protagonist suffers, and sweats, gets dirty, cries, fights, etc. It's a war.
-It's a war. It's not a nice conversation with a nice person. If Dr. Psychopath was a nice person, then I'd be married to him and I wouldn't be here.
-On BSG, they are always fighting with the cylons, and sometimes the humans turn on each other. It's a MESS.
-One of our best weapons is NC (or LC) -- it's a weapon of defense. Sometimes the cylons break through our lines of defense. It's war.

So, be confident in your fight. Be strong.


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