Bad day blues take 3

Ok so it's been two months since I last posted.

Last time I posted I was worried because my ex bf of three years had met his new supply within days of me ending the relationship, and had introduced her to his two children and her little girl.

I was worried because I felt everything a massive blow. I found out tonight that they not only have just moved in together but....wait for it.....she's pregnant.

I was with him for three years...went through 4-5 cycles of devalue and discard.

They centred around us having children , him not wanting them ,me wanting them, him wanting a house , and me not trusting him to get a I was crazy according to him .Mr Jekyll and Hyde. first it felt like someone had sucked up all the air in the room. I couldn't breathe. ...
Then I started laughing. Uncontrollable laughing.

The man who told me his first two kids were a mistake, the man who told me he was getting the snip. The man who said he would never get with a single mum. has two kids, a step kid and a baby on the way in THREE MONTHS.

you couldn't make this up. I'm laughing cos's pathetic. I'm over it. Poor bloody kids. .

His bed, is well and truly made :-)

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