BABYCAKES Who are you?

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#1 Jan 7 - 12PM
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BABYCAKES Who are you?

Dear Clement "AKA" BABYCAKES:

I thought you were a man of much integrity, honesty, loyalty and someone with a moral compass.

You put on a facade a mask as if you lost your wife, you were loosing your daughter and you were boughting a terminal Cancer illness, for what purpose? You had us looking for homes over a year, you told me you were in the Filipines when your dad passed, you hid, you lied repeatly. You played with my and my kids hearts, compassion, love and empathy.

You're explaintion? I am sorry I hurt you! What do you want from me I'm a Pig? I'm evil and not good, I fucked her everywhere!

I purchased a home with a very clear understanding for us a home alone I cannot afford, I ask why? You respond I don't no!

You walk around very proud of defended ways hurt, scares and jaded games you play and at the end your routines and behaviors has not amounted to anything else but nothing.

I'm not sure how you rest at night and look at yourself in the mirror and feel good.

Jan 7 - 2PM
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Unfortunately for a narc..