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I was worn out towards the end, I even had heart palpitations!!!

Thanks Barbara! I read somewhere that partners of N, don't sleep very well. My N would go to bed very late at night and then wake up early and wait an hour or so (he let me know-how he suffered!) before he would wake me up for sex. He only needed about 4 hours of sleep which is in keeping with the article above. However, that was not the only thing that effected my sleeping...I literally would wake up 4 times a night, move as quickly as possible to a new position as to not "bother" him. I would also apologize in my sleep if I caught myself snoring. I didnt do anything like this on the nights I slept alone. At some point early this year I started experiencing heart palpitations. I decided to wait it out for a month to see if it was anything serious. When I mentioned it to my N, he told me (and also told me on the night he dumped me) that I worried too much about my health. Well, they didn't go away so I saw the doctor and she confirmed that it was a common occourance and asked me if I was under any stress, because I am relatively young and healthy and work out a bit. I said no!-What did I know! Somewhat relived, the palpitations went away about a day or two after I saw her. About two weeks later N dumped me, and they came back :) However, since the break-up I have had many loved ones and good freinds support me, as well as coming on here, and seeing a therpaist. The day my therapist validated that I had been in a relationship with a patholigcal person (since not having met the N he can't actually diagnose him as an N) and it was a big relief. Anyway about a week after the break up I stopped having heart palpitations again, bad dream s are much less frequent and I finally sleep the 6-8 hours I need.