Another Head Butting Session with Work Narc

I work in a business that has strict confidentiality requirements for our clients. The company I work for has just been ranked among Ethispere's Top 100 Most Ethical Companies in the World. As a company, we take that ethics very seriously. Anyway, the narc at work asked me to prepare a "sample" report to share with a client, using ANOTHER client's reporting information...I was instructed to "remove" their name from the report so she can give it to the other client...

Here's my email to the Narc telling her "no":

"Based on our conversation yesterday, it is not possible for me to edit the PDF of Client 1's report for Client 2. This is a 40 page PDF document and due to the sensitive, proprietary nature of the information contained within Client 1's report, I cannot assume that Client 1's name does not appear anywhere else within the reporting other than at the beginning and end of the document. As an example, the report we presented to Client 1 showed "Another Client's Name" in one of the footnotes sections. History dictates that when we use another client's previous reporting format, it is possible to miss that client's name on a presentation due to the volume of information contained within. The margin and potential consequence for error are too great for me to assume that risk.

That notwithstanding, I am uncomfortable, from an ethical standpoint, using another client's confidential medical/demographic/diagnosis reporting information, without their knowledge or consent, as a sample to present to another client; especially in light of the fact that I would be assuming responsibility for 'scrubbing' the rightful owner of that information's name from a 40-page PDF document and don't believe this is acceptable practice within our organization. Based on the aforementioned, I must respectfully decline your request.

I will be more than happy to utilize our company's standard sample report we are allowed to create for Client 2. Thanks."

Nothing is ever good enough for this bitch. Every god damn thing has to be "customized", complicated beyond belief and involves at least 2 departments. I don't care how minor the issue is...she has to make it MAJOR. Every. Single. Time. And then micro-manage it to death.

If she were NORMAL, I could have produced her request for a sample report in 5 minutes. Because she is ABNORMAL and "special", I had to instead, send a 5 paragraph email telling her that she is being unethical and citing the reasons why. WTF!!! I am so sick of the stress and havoc she creates for everyone around her all day, every day. I love the company - I HATE her. And so does everyone else. I have no idea why she is still employed there - she produces nothing but chaos and discord.

PS - I cc'd our ethics and compliance department and her boss. I'm not risking my professional license or my job or the company's reputation for her enormous ego. They need to get rid of that walking lawsuit waiting to happen.

Anyone have one of "these" at work?

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