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#1 February 15, 2017 - 11:12am


Hi everyone im new to this forum. I was really doubting to start a count but i have so many questions about my ex Narccisst which no one can answer. They just don't understand , they all say just move on. Which i did but everything came as such a shock. I really wondered why he never hoovered? We broke up almost 3 years now and i went no contact and never contacted him, but neither did he? i just wonder is that because he really used all he could of me? we dated for 9 months . I hope someone could provide a answer? thanks in advance

March 26, 2017 - 7:53am

I would need more details

To properly answer this question in terms of him in particular-Most narcissists recycle old supply at some point or another even if it is just an inquire hoover-You are correct in thinking if you have not heard from him he does not need you for anything at this time-When or if he does you will hear from him-if he never does you will not-Some hear from them years later and some never do-Whether or not you are hoovered is NOT a criteria for whether or not someone is a narcissist-I have heard some say "well he did not hoover me so I guess he is not a narcissistic-The criteria for determining narcissism goes much deeper than this one detail-

March 10, 2017 - 4:11am


hello, if he is a narcissist he probably doesn't care, he might have a new victim now, but you can only forget about him by making boundries for yourself and say do you really want that in your life? and why you still caring if he talked to you or not, you should say thx God for taking him away, i am much sure that if you give him a new hint he will do all the same again,a narcissist will never change and when they lose their new victim they might come again, it's too sad for an empath to accept the truth of a narcissist because as empaths we think that all people are honest and good like us but when we know that we have survived from a trial of abuse or a narcissistic abuse, we will regain our power.

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