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#1 Nov 10 - 5AM
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Shit happened

I've been with a girl for 3 months. Well, we mutually consider it as a fling but I'm getting really frustrated with all the drama she's subjecting me to. The affair which was meant to be past-time is turning out to be a burden. And I've found a way to get it over with.

There's this guy who flirts around with her a lot at work (she tells me even though I don't want to know) and he invited her to a movie this weekend. What I'm going to do is hide that night and she's probably going to invite him over knowing that I'm gone. I stay at her place in Toronto with a burglar alarm system integrated with a bunch of cameras. I've placed one camera in the living room and another one in the bedroom. I'm not going to be a dick and share it to social media but I'm planning to pop up there real smooth and walk away like a boss. So, how do I get the live feed to my smartphone so I can just throw it in her face and get it done quick?

Nov 19 - 9PM
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I'm sorry. I forgot to add.


Nov 14 - 4PM
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