Do you think my friend is a narcissist?

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Do you think my friend is a narcissist?

I just figured out that I'm an empath and I'm realizing that I've attracted a lot of narcissist's because of it. Being around one of friends is giving me the same feelings that I used to get around one that I dated before. She is constantly making plans with me and cancels them last minute. She does apologize sometimes, but she usually just tells me not to take it personal because she's so busy. We have a trip planned out of the country and she has been the worst person to plan anything with. I end up having to do all the work and when I am trying to book anything she will not respond for days and it's causing me to have to spend hours having to re-plan the trip because of flights and hotels getting sold out. When I express my frustration her for ignoring me during this whole process she told me I was not mellow like her and she didn't understand why I was upset. She tried to make me feel like I had done something wrong. Then told me she was going to cancel the whole trip.

At first I didn't think she was a narcissist because she went to nursing school, at least that's what she said. But now I'm questioning so many things that she's done.

When I first met her I could tell she was telling me things about another friend to try and stop us being friends.

She said she was molested when she was very young which might be was caused the narcissism. Either that or her abuse parents. Her ex told me that her dad used to put cigarettes out on her head.

She said she went to nursing school, but has never become a nurse. We go to the same eyelash tech and she told her that she was currently a nurse when she is not.

Even though she was in a relationship she was always talking to other guys. Her boyfriend told me that she had taken up prostitution while they were together.

Her now ex told her that he no longer wanted to be with her, shortly after that happened she told me that a doctor told her that she either had a brain tumor or lou garrett's disease. She told my eyelash tech that she found out that the doctor was wrong and nothing was wrong with her. I asked her how her health was and if she had any new updates, without telling her what the tech had told me, and she told me nothing had changed and she still had a brain tumor. She was in the hospital a few days later and I went to visit her and that's when her parents told me that they found out she didn't have the tumor, so she had lied.

When the bf would not agree to get back together with her, she tried to get back together with her ex and was devastated when he told her no. She refused to move out of bf's home and started to threaten suicide. I had to call the cops one time because she text me saying goodbye and I'm going to kill myself. On another occasion she did a live video on instagram with blood all over hands and was telling everyone that she couldn't live anymore.

It seems like sometimes she has empathy, but I'm not sure. Something dramatic always seems to be going on and she needs to be the center of attention. She does put herself down, but I wonder if it's to get compliments. She is constantly talking to a new guy and when I suggested that she take a break from dating after this break up she got super upset and said she would not do that ever.

She only seems to come around when she wants something or when she wants you to feel sorry for or needs attention. Usually it's always all about her all the time. She flakes out on plans that we make about 80 percent of the time. I've only hung out with her once in the last 6 months because she is so flaky that I will usually not make plans. I thought a lot of the problems she has was because of the bad relationship she was in, now that she is out of it she made it sound like she was doing so much better. It's the only reason I agreed to take this trip with her, but now I'm noticing all these traits that seem like they could be narcissistic to me. Does this sound like narcissism, or maybe some other kind of personality disorder?