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agilitysb's story

My N (Wife)left me 16 months ago, I am sure she has been dating, I think the men feel insecure with her because I often get guys calling me and hang up. My intuition tells me that after she breaks up with someone she trys to come back to me BUT does not want to change her abusive ways, then she leaves again....this has happened about 4 times.

I have filled out my part of the marital settlement agreement but she has failed to turn hers in, she agreed that it is time to end it but does not finish her part of the process, now I hear that she is leaving the Country for 6 months....

(maybe she is pregnant) Not having "Closure" has prevented me from being able to move on. I have never been desperate to be with someone who did not care for me, but this has been torchure for me. I have stayed single because I do not believe in dating while being married...I think she knows this and this is why she will not sign the papers.

I never had a relationship end where there was no closure and find this strange.

Oct 30 - 11PM
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please please search through our MESSAGE BOARD - all the pages. here's just one: Ns male or female never give any real closure. why should they - to them you're just an object. We've discussed this many times here. You have to make your own closure with a pathological ~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Abuse Information Site Online Coaching & Help