Had a hearing today to have the temporary injunction (order of protection) extended against my ex-N; who I have an 11 month old son with. Of course he went in there looking as if he's Mr. Nice Guy; and wants nothing to do with me by offering to my court-appointed attorney "He will agree to the injunction for 3 months; and wants visitation...every other weekend from Friday to Monday and one day during the week; he will also take a parenting course." I said absolutely not.

I came back with every other weekend from Friday 6p to Saturday 6p; and one day a week for 3 hours. My attorney says I'm not being reasonable. I said "I certainly am"; knowing that the only reason he was trying to look like "father of the year" is because once I sign to that visitation agreement the chances of me relocating out of the state are difficult if not impossible. He then came back with "visitation from Friday to Saturday every other weekend and visitation overnight one night every week...GET THIS...Here's the long as the law allows him to get his concealed weapon's license back."

They landed up asking for a continuance to wait on testimony from the officers that came to my home since I never got him arrested and there were no police reports written; I didn't have any physical bruises, etc." The trial is set for April 15th if he can't get his concealed weapons license or if I don't agree with his offer.

Yes, there is a high chance I will not get the order of protection. However, if I don't get it...he has to file a separate case for visitation of our son. The chances are that he will get more visitation rights if it does come to that because the county I reside in believes that its best to have both parents equally involved 50/50; than anything else.

Has anyone had a similar case? What's in store for me? Is it best that I agree to this current visitation and let him not show up in the long run? Should I continue w/the injunction; and have him file a separate visitation case that may give him more time with our son?

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But I'll be thinking about you since we are both going through custody issues together. Let me know if you just need to vent!
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What is going on with your custody issues? Is it okay for me to ask what state you are located? I think you told me your daughter is 3 1/2. Is he abiding by the agreement? How much time does he get her?
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pack up & move. now. while you have a chance.
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I told you! Do what works for you! These guys are master manulipators! Do what ever it rakes to get out of Dodge and with your family! If he gets the visitation fine. He won't follow thru. Remember everything they do is full of lies, actions never match the words! Idealk
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It's not that easy to get out of dodge is what I'm trying to say by my post. I definitely agree that they are master manipulators and he is only manipulating to get me to agree so I'm stuck here. Thing is if I don't agree...I go to trial...its best I lose so he has to open another case for me to stay.
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I may have no choice but to stay now...get an agreement that he will most likely not stick too; and then be able to leave.
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Then settle on an agreement, he won't follow thru, is my guess! I'm sorry I don't understand the laws. I do understand how the mind of a whack job works! I think go along for now since you are stuck there, get your facts together and find a way to screw him in the end. You need to be one step ahead ,he will want to look like the good guy! Grrrrrrr assholes!!