Adopt A Sister in Recovery for Support; The Holiday Gift of Love Adopt A Sister in Recovery for Support:

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Adopt A Sister in Recovery for Support; The Holiday Gift of Love Adopt A Sister in Recovery for Support:

Adopt A Sister in Recovery for Support; The Holiday Gift of Love
Adopt A Sister in Recovery for Support:

My group members just brought up a smashing idea for a pay it forward during the often challenging Recovery period.

The question came up, how to I give back for all I have received on the Path Forward? I read that several of the members cannot afford the Support Group or the one on one.

Many here on the Path Forward were left financially destitute as a direct result of their relationship with the Narcissist.

Currently I have a long waiting list of members wanting the one on one and the Support Group, yet they are not in a financial position at this time to attend.

Members who are in a better place in this area would order a one on one or Support Group Sessions to help a sister or brother receive the help they need.

There is a one on one button and a Full Support Group package is 12 weekly sessions.

There is no button for other amounts at this time, so other amounts may be sent through my email address:

You do not need a Pay Pal account to select this option. Very simple process, I will send you a link with your chosen ammount directly from Pay Pal.

PLEASE by no means feel obligated to do this, we mods are all volunteers and we love what we are doing.

This is an optional Adopt a brother or Sister suggestion.

Thanks everyone for all you do.

Together we can do what we cannot do alone.


Questions, thoughts, please feel free to email me anytime

The need is greater than ever these days.

God bless us all.


Below is LAST Years help and support:

— pumpkinpie

I appreciate all that you do!! There should be two transactions coming your way -- please apply them as you see fit. xoxoxo

Awwww pumpkin. You do so much to help

Thank you so much AGAIN. You are an amazing sister in recovery. I feel blessed to receive this help for our sisters in need.

Please email me if you want to be adopted ( a sister in need) or are able to adopt a sister.

Blessings Dear Pumpkin.

I have sisters in my current group on partial or full scholarships.
The help goes directly to support our members or non members who read yet do not post.

Membership is not necessary to adopt a sister or receive the help towards a one on one or my next Support Group.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a waiting list for members in need of services.


— Trixy

as I am sure LOTS of members are looking for ways to make a difference , and rather than pondering over the various options here is a quick and easy and EXTREMELY rewarding way right here - two clicks and you are done, and someone who is going through exactly what you are can get some much-needed help. Remember how that 1-1 with Goldie kickstarted your recovery? How you had never imagined someone would understand EXACTLY what you feel? Time to pay it forward folks.
Hugs to all, Trixy
Great .. I love this..

Great .. I love this..

BEST way to reach me:

Thank you all,
Together in Recovery cuts the battle and pain in half


I love this idea, its so beautiful. I cant wait until I am financially better to help out! To give back, what a glorious feeling and day that will be. I am so grateful for you all and this site. I AM CERTAIN, I would of spent another ten years trying to figure it out, and get out. Or I would of been dead. And for that , I can not thank you enough. *HUGS*

Amazing idea!

Love this, Goldie! I'm in
I am also planning on asking my family members and friends that in lieu of gifts for my birthday or Christmas, I'd like for them to sponsor members for a one-on-one or Support Group.

Love to you, awesome lady. xoxo
Outstanding Idea ZanShin

We will have the whole forum on the road to recovery in no time.

Thank you so much for your help and all you do.

Love your posts, they are amazing.


I'd love to help with this but wondering what is more needed for people right now - can pay for 2 one to ones or 12 week support group.
Wonderful idea from the ladies in your group.

Both really, I have waiting lists for both and some are able to pay partial and not all so that way we are able to stretch the help further.

Want to try and get everyone in, it's like an Angel program or Secret Santa.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Basically, I will see what comes in and find creative ways to help all who are in need.

Some will receive a one on one, some the Support Group and the ones who are able will receive a partial scholarship.

Again, Lucky thank you for responding and your help. The veterans are what keeps this site going.


Adopt me! I would love a Xmas present of therapy or Goldies group. We are in a DV shelter and they have limited resources. We don't even have winter coats! This was one of many reasons I stayed so long with my abuser. Fear of struggle and destitute. But I'm grateful to hands a place to sleep and our lil bit of sanity. Thanks everyone!
Fab idea Goldie!

I sponsored someone before for the support group, and it is just the biggest blessing to be able to do it. I will support someone else for a 1-1. Watch your paypal Goldie :-). The best thing about this is that rather than sending off money into the ether hoping it will go to the cause you support, here you KNOW someone who is going through the same old shit you are will get the support s/he deserves. It's all anonymous so no one needs to feel any shame or gratitude - that's not how we roll on this board.
Hugs to all

Thank you Trixy, as always a heart of gold

You are right, we do rely on sponsors especially around the holiday season when stress and the need is at a peak.

I agree knowing the help goes to a member needing a one on one or support group is a cool part of the adoption process.

You are a blessing to all who know you. I hope hope hope, you know this, we sure do.

Love you lots,

This is wonderful

This is such a wonderful idea - my one-on-one with you was priceless.

I would like to buy A one on one for someone

The best way is to order the session on Goldie's Blog and then email me and I will let someone know they have the help. Thank you so much miss Daisy


Great idea. Goldie.

Great idea. Goldie. I'm offering a 12 week package to who you think is needed now at my expense. I'm new to this forum. Plz let me know how much it is and I will pay with my card.
Dear Orchids
Tears are streaming down my face, this is what it is all about here, people helping people. Thank you so much dear Orchids. I am so grateful that someone will be able to take part in group thanks to you.

Happy holidays,