accusations from female narcs!

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#1 Jan 10 - 12PM
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accusations from female narcs!

Hi, i just wanted to know some stuff about narc females that empath men went through. Has any narc woman accused you of doing bad things to her and it was all a lie? Did she accuse you of being a woman beater and you arent?. Have you ever called her bad names such as bitch,slut because of the hell she put you through? From being so angry at her?. Im asking because im sure sometimes from being mad an empath guy or girl can call the sick narc names. Usually they say abusers swear but cant healthy man swear too? From frustration. I never called my ex narc a asshole in his face because im not that mean but to my family and friends i did.

Would love to hear if any of you had these accusations & if you called her bad names from being angry.


Jan 10 - 5PM
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Where are you going with this?

Jan 10 - 7PM (Reply to #2)
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Im With What Goldie Said

The Narcissists Girlfriend