5 whole months!

Today, I celebrate 5 months without you. I remember when you left me, I was broken, depressed, afraid, lonely and in the dark. I wondered how I would make it in life without my bitter sweet addiction.

I remember the early days of NC, I was a complete mess, I could not seem to focus on anything but you. I even secretly wished for a hoover, just to see your face one last time. I remember dreaming about you, we were happy and it was beautiful. When I woke up, I quickly went back to sleep just to see you again. I would pray every night and ask God to let me see you again in my dreams.
Thank God for unanswered prayers.

I want you to know......

I still think of you everyday but you are not the center of my universe.

You tried to break me, but you made me stronger!

Abandoning your son is the best thing you could have ever done for us and I thank you!

Narc...... "Only a fool would mistake kindness for weakness, for there is a heart of a lion in the spirit of a lamb"

(not so) BrokenRoad

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