Imagined Letter from the N w/2 weeks NC

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Imagined Letter from the N w/2 weeks NC

** 4 weeks since I've seen the N
** 2 weeks NC

Dear Forgetaboutme,

You say it’s really over between us, but I don’t believe you at all. I know you’ll come back. You always do.

When you come back, I’ll respect you even less than I already do (and that’s an impressive feat as I think of you as crazy, pathetic, desperate and weak-willed).

Regardless, it’ll make me incredibly happy to have you back in the fold. It’ll reassure me that I am incredibly lovable and important and that you are obsessed with me and don’t have a life outside of me.

If you, for some unknowable reason, probably how crazy you are, do not come running back on your own, I’ll send you some funny cute text and that’ll be all it’ll take. You'll be back on the hook (the hook being my dick). "Gotcha, bitch." It makes me laugh to think of how little I've given you and how much you continue to want me… and you say I’M the crazy one!

If by some ridiculous chance you don’t respond to my funny text… I won’t give care at all beyond the hit to my ego. I’d honestly respect you a bit more if you didn’t respond to me. It would be the first time I ever saw you be strong… there’s a first time for everything, I guess.

But if you don’t respond to the funny joke or picture or link that I'll be sending this weekend, Tuesday at the latest (Two weeks is my go-to waiting period for when I’m punishing women for not doing exactly what I want), then I’ll wait another two weeks and try again, and if you don’t respond that time then I’ll wait two months, then I’ll wait six, and then I’ll wait a year. But rest assured, as long as we’re both living in the same city, I will hoover back to you. Not because I miss you or care about you, but because I know what a kinky little slut you are - my slut. I miss fucking your tight little ass and then sending you home. Haha! Oh man, I’m so awesome and you’re so weak! It really is funny! You don't get the joke because you're a girl.

You know, you’re not actually THAT pathetic… I do kind of like you. There were moments where I actually enjoyed hanging out with you… I enjoyed watching you fall in love with me and fawn all over me. And since I haven’t had a job for a year now, I like that you were paying for our dates. It made me happy for you to spend money on me because I know you like to show your power over men by having them buy you things. Every time you bought me something, I felt so big and important - putting you in your proper place, you know? The worse I felt about myself, the more I enjoyed hurting you. I especially liked that time I made you cry - I could live off of the memory of how powerful I felt in that moment for months. It feels good to have such a pretty girl under my thumb. My slut.

You know, I’ve never really been in love… I thought I was a few times, but if I’d really loved those women then I wouldn’t have treated them the way that I did.
I don’t think I actually understand what love is… I don’t know that I’m capable of such a thing and I don’t want to be. From my perspective, love is how I gain control over women. I do and say things that I know make them behave in certain ways. I really just want a slave bitch who will be at my beck and call and otherwise not exist. Is that so much to ask? I mean, you get Me in the bargain. And obviously that’s what you want more than anything, right?

I hate that you have those other men in your life. I pretended I didn’t care but I did. I hate when people play with my toys without my permission. That’s all you ever were or ever could be to me btw… a toy that I could play with and get rid of at my whim. For a while you were a favorite toy, but I always want more. Who would ever want just one toy? Girls, probably. Girls are just so stupid and weak.

It’s stupid that you freaked out just because I said I didn’t love you after 14 months of hanging out. I can’t believe you’re so crazy and were so mean to me about it. I hate when you have any sort of feelings - you’re such a girl sometimes. Anyway, there’s no way that you actually love me. What’s there to love about me? You just think you love me because I’m so strong and handsome and charming. None of that is real, you know. I made it all up to protect myself. Don’t get all excited now… you’ll never break thru to my True Self… that barely exists… it stopped developing as a child. My true self is like a big black hole - desperate for love and needy - sort of like you... only better looking.

I’m going to wrap this up because I have some bitch coming over to suck my dick, and I’m texting with two other girls too. Don’t worry. I don’t like them more than you. In fact, I think you’re actually sort of smart and cool compared to them. They are really stupid and really desperate. Where as you’re only sort of stupid and sort of desperate. After I get my dick sucked, then I’m going to go fight and stare at myself in the mirror and take pictures with my phone to send to my ever-growing collection of wet holes.

Anyway, I’m a super great guy and you know it and I know that you miss me and are staring at your phone right now wishing for me to call you… keep waiting babe. It’ll happen. I promise. I’m never going to leave you, even though you’re crazy. It’s hard to find a girl who will let me degrade and use her to the same extent you do. Most of my holes take a lot more convincing… but not you… I like that.

Have fun having sex with whatever men you’re using to try and make yourself feel better about losing me! Haha you’re really so predictable. You know you can’t find anyone better tho. Just give up and let me use your tight little holes some more.

All the best (for me)! Talk to you soon, slut.


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Spot on!

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holy crap


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Awesome writing