Goodbye KC

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#1 Dec 21 - 3PM
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Goodbye KC

I know you don't expect to hear from me, but there is something important I need to say.

What you heard when I ripped apart your last email line by line was anger, sorrow and deep, deep hurt. No hatred...until now.

I have some friends that sat me down today and made me look at the truth. They care about me and were concerned about this continual upheaval with you. They did some digging into public records last week. And here's what they found...

Neither you nor R own the HB house; you're renters. You don't own the house in CH. You were renters that subleased it to another couple. You have foreclosed on either a business or a home. You have gone through bankruptcy. Years ago you had a failed roofing business. You had a number of liens on property for not paying taxes. You've seen the inside walls of a number of small claims courts. There is no record of you owning land in your favorite state.

And if all of this wasn't bad enough...there is no evidence of a divorce decree in four different counties. You're still married.

You lied to me. You've represented yourself falsely to me. It would be one thing if all you did was misrepresent your financial situation. Then you would just be a fiscally irresponsible, lying, ass.

But you are something're a fraud. You're a narcissist. You are dishonest and dishonorable. You lack a conscience, I was right, you are 'false advertisement". And I couldn't see it, didn't want to see it because i loved you. There has to be something wrong with me.

You watched me leave my marriage to be with you. You watched me lose my relationship with my daughter, with my sister because of you. And it doesn't matter that you were not the full reason. I made major life decisions based on your lies. You played me for three years. How could you do that to me?

So many little things make sense to me now. Why your sister still affectionately referred to R as SIL. Why you've spent so little time with me, the bullshit reasons you gave for cancelling, the list is exhaustive. I knew the truth about your trip to Hawaii with R, but I assumed it was "one of the commitments you wouldn't have made if you knew I was moving here" and I never brought it up. I loved you so much I talked myself out of seeing the truth. I believed what you told me. I justified your crazy behavior. I ignored the red flags.

I doubt you ever truly loved me. There's no way you could and do this to me. I was the perfect target. Unhappy in my marriage and naive, trusting. I'm sick to my stomach.

I loved you for almost three years. I put up with so much shit and this is how things turn out. Words alone can't describe the depth of my despair, anger, the sorrow and devastation I feel from your betrayal. I hate you for what you've done to me.


I didn't deserve this; you go to hell.