Good riddance Sargeant Dickhead

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Good riddance Sargeant Dickhead

This letter has been almost 12 months in the making. I thought it would be fitting to write it on Memorial Day, which is reserved for veterans like you. Oh but wait, you are a disgrace to the U.S. military, and are not deserving of consideration on this day. This day is reserved for real men of honor, not little boys who cheat on and physically and emotionally abuse their girlfriend.

You are now in Hawaii with your rebound gf taking her to the very same restaurant you took me for my birthday and "anniversary". Nevermind that throughout the entire 12 months we knew each other, you never had any money to go anywhere. There was always some excuse for why you were broke. But yet you still managed to buy plenty of booze and stash it away where I would find it (yes idiot, I found your stash). You are now taking her to all the same places and probably telling her the same lies you told me: that you will always love her, want to marry her one day, etc. all while maintaining contact with your exes, keeping naked pictures of them on your computer, and keeping an OK Cupid dating profile. Little does she know the horror that awaits her in the coming months. Just another victim in your sick little world, living a lie.

Words cannot describe the amount of hatred I had for you. After I threw you out, I had dreams where I stabbed you to death and watched you bleed. It was awesome. I would happily rejoice if I found out you were dead or on the verge of dying from your alcohol addiction. I pray Karma gets revenge on you. You will fail in life, you will never know true love from another human being, you will go around destroying innocent women's lives just like you tried to destroy mine.

I never had the chance to tell you how I truly felt about you, but now I will. The entire time I knew you, I had other plans. I dated other men on the side because I knew in my heart you were cheating. You thought you had the upper hand, but you didn't. I used you to move across the country and find my first apartment. I didn't tell people you were my boyfriend because you will never deserve that title. All the "nice" emails I wrote to you, I wrote to keep you thinking I cared when I actually did not. I never had any intention of marrying you. When you were going through rehab and cried to me, asking me if I'd marry you, I told you yes to get you to stop cursing at me. I never meant it. Every time I said I love you, I did so only to avoid your hostile temper and violent outbursts. I never meant a word of it. I could never love a soulless monster like you.

Fast forward three months after the breakup: I now have an awesome new job at a top 2 tech company, a luxury car, a new apartment in a gorgeous neighborhood, and even better, a real boyfriend who treats me like a princess and truly loves me and means it when he says it. He does not lie, drink behind my back, call me a bitch, choke me, hit me, threaten my property, attempt to burn my house down, use me for money, or expect me to treat him like a little boy. He does not expect me to pay for everything because he is never broke. He does not cry like a little bitch as you used to do. He does not blame other people for all his woes, and he certainly has more money than you will ever have. And he is only 25. =)

Getting rid of you was the best thing I ever did for myself. It was a hard won war. You tried to break me, but you failed. You will never break me.

God knows the suffering I endured at your hands. He saw how you manipulated me and tried to destroy my entire life. There will never be an apology from you, because your soul is as empty as your bank account. But the suffering led to something even greater. I learned to be stronger and narc proof. You were the catalyst for me to address and heal the wounds of my past. And with God's grace and protection, I can rest peacefully and live a life of success knowing you will never again cause me harm.

You told me that what attracted you to me was my physical and emotional strength. Funny, because my strength led to your demise. You should know better than to enter the lion's den with bullshit lies. Did you honestly think you would fool me for long? You aren't that good of a liar! Once your mask slipped and I saw the piece of shit you really are, I called a spade a spade and moved on. You were so easily replaced, it was laughable.

Now that I have learned the lesson, you are history. Not my destiny. I can now return to being awesome, without you!

Good riddance, douchebag!

June 21, 2014 - 8:29am
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Free, are you by chance a

June 5, 2014 - 7:21am
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Freebirdie- Good One!